Manchester's Ten  Metropolitan Boroughs




Borough of Trafford


covers 40 square miles of Greater Manchester, an is an area where industry,
commerce, towns, villages and the bordering open countryside of Cheshire
have all combined to create an area which is dynamic, vital, alive,
and with a flavour all of its own.

Sale water Park in Trafford
Altrincham Market and Sale Water Park

of its success is due to Trafford
Industrial Estate which was early to cash in on the new trade
and manufacturing possibilities brought about by the building of the
Manchester Ship Canal.
Since 1987,
the Trafford Park Development Corporation, set up by the government,
has invested in a �660 million regeneration programme, with help from
the private sector, which has transformed the area.

Many well known companies whose names are household words have factories
and offices in Trafford Park.
North West Electricity Board (NORWEB) has recently moved its staff into
a new headquarters building there. The Kellogg Company of Great Britain
has expended �80 million to extend and re-equip its Trafford Park cereals
factory. The Communications and Computer Centre of “The Force”, probably
the most modern in Britain, was opened by Her Majesty the Queen in Trafford
Park in 1986.

The Brooke Bond
Tea Company has its main production centre in Trafford Park, after
it began life as a small shop in central Manchester.
So committed is the Park authority to increasing and attracting new
industry to the region that it has set up the Trafford Business Venture
Organisation, to help and advise prospective new businesses and help
them get off the ground. It also runs courses on behalf of the Manchester
Training and Enterprise Council.
Trafford has also spent a great deal of energy and resources in creating
new housing within the borough, and measured by any standard, it now
has some of the best living conditions in the north of England.

It has a unique transportation infrastructure which makes it one of
the most accessible boroughs in Greater Manchester. It has 2 major
canals, the Bridgewater Canal and the Manchester Ship Canal, and the
city’s fast transit tram-train system “Metrolink” runs through the
borough to its terminus at Altrincham. Intercity
mainline trains also pass through Altrincham on their way to Manchester
Piccadilly Station and Chester.

The A56 main road and the former M63 (now the M60 Orbital) Motorway
runs through the centre of the borough, connecting it directly to
, to the benefit of tourists and industrial exporters
The airport is only 15 minutes away by road, and the authority is
one of the Metropolitan Boroughs on the Airport’s Management Board.

Local amenities include the following Public Parks and Gardens : 7
in Altrincham, 4 in Bowdon-Hale, 7 in Stretford, 6 in Urmston, and
8 in Sale. Their are 14 public libraries, 2 golf courses, 7 sports
and leisure centres, and 3 athletic stadia within the borough.

The council also
provides numerous other facilities including bowling greens, football
and rugby pitches and tennis courts.

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