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Borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester

Metropolitan Borough of Trafford is an area of some 40 square miles
and lies to the South-west of Greater Manchester. Its population numbers
about 214,000 people. Bordered by the industrial estate of Trafford
Park on its eastern side, and by the open countryside of rural Cheshire
on the south and Southwest, it is a borough of visible and surprising

Trafford Town HallSale, TraffordHale in Trafford

Trafford Town Hall, the Districts of Sale and Hale

Trafford Demographics

Trafford is one
of the two Greater Manchester Boroughs not based on a town or city,
(the other is Tameside) – Trafford is an entity created in 1974 out
of several local towns, which were combined to form the new Metropolitan
Metropolitan Borough Council has 63 councillors who represent 21 wards
– Altrincham, Bowden, Broadheath, Brooklands, Bucklow, Clifford, Davyhulme
East, Davyhulme West, Flixton, Hale, Longford, Mersy-St Mary’s, Park,
Priory, St Martin’s, Sale Moor, Stretford, Talbot, Timperley, Urmston
and Village.
There are
three Parliamentary Constituencies in the Borough – Altrincham & Sale,
Davyhulme, and Stretford. The business end of the borough is Trafford
Park Industrial Estate
, which has undoubtedly played a pivotal
role in the economic well-being of Trafford.

Aerial Photo of Trafford Centre
The Trafford Centre. Aerial Photograph Courtesy of © 2005

The estate grew
up soon after completion of the Manchester
Ship Canal
just before the turn of the last century, and now is
the home of many great business enterprises, including Kelloggs Cereals
and the Brooke Bond Tea Company.
is rich in history, from the local heritage of Dunham Massey to the
engineering of the Ship Canal. The name of Trafford derives from the
de Trafford Family, who held most of the lands in the borough since
medieval times, including Stretford, Urmston and Dunham
, and whose emblem, the Griffin, is represented in the Borough
Coat of Arms.

Arms of Trafford

Trafford Coat of Arms

Perfess wavy argent and gules, a griffin segreant counter-changed
holding between the foreclaws a Tau crossper pale vert and sable.
On a wreath of the colours, between two sprigs of oak fructed a dexter
cubit arm proper charged with a cogwheel or, the hand holding two
flashes of lightning in saltire azure.
On either side a unicorn, that on the dexter ermine armed, crined
tufted and ungules or and gorged with a collar azure charged with
a bar argent. That on the sinister argent, armed, crined, tufted and
unguled or and charged on the neck with three lozenges conjoined in
fess sable.
A roundel of the arms environed on a wreath of oak fructed proper.

Motto: Hold
Fast That Which Is Good”.

& Description of the Arms

The design incorporates
a shield divided by a wavy line representing the River Mersey and
the Manchester Ship
which cut across the borough. On the shield is a Griffin,
representing the de Trafford Family who gave their name to the borough.
The Griffin is counterchanged – the top half being the red (gules)
eagle on a white background, and the bottom half being the white (argent)
lion, representing the Massey Family of Dunham
, on a red background.
The Griffin
holds a T-shaped Greek Tau Cross, the initial standing for the name
Trafford. The Tau is in green (vert) and black (sable), representing
both the rural and the industrial nature of the borough. The Crest
wreath is in the Trafford colours of red and white. In the crest is
a raised forearm holding two shafts of blue (azure) lightning to symbolise
Trafford’s large electrical industry, and set in the shape of an X
(saltire) to represent the Roman number 10, representing the 10 communities
which make up the Metropolitan Borough.
The arm
is also charged with a gold (or) cogwheel taken from the Altrincham
Arms to represent engineering. The two branches of oak are taken from
the Urmston Arms to represent the wooded countryside in that area.
The two supporting creatures are both (unusually) unicorns. The one
side is a pure white (argent) unicorn taken from the Sale Arms, and
another is ermine as in the Altrincham Arms. The latter wears a blue
and white barred collar from part of Bowden’s Crest. The white unicorn
is derived from the crest of the Carringtons, kinsmen of the Masseys
of Sale, whose three black diamonds (or lozenges) are seen in both
the Sale and Carrington families’ shields.
Thus the
new Coat of Arms incorporates elements and insignia taken from historic
town’s Arms and represents all of the local communities which were
combined to make Trafford Metropolitan Borough.





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