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Bearings of Stockport

Stockport Coat of Arms

Armorial Bearings were granted to the Council on 5th December 1932,
to which supporting lions were added in February 1960. The arms are
described as follows :
“Azure semee of Cross three Lozenges Or, a Bordure of the last charged
with three Garbs and as many double-headed Eagles displayed alternately
of the first, And for the Crest Issuant from a Mural Crown Or, a Mount
Vert thereon a Castle with Two Towers proper. On either side a Lion
Argent that to the dexter gorged with a Collary Vairy Or and Gules pendent
therefrom by a Chain Gold a Plate charged with a Rose Gules barbed and
seeded proper that to the sinister likewise Collared and pendent from
the Collar by a like chain a Hurt charged with a Garb also Gold”.

Explanation of the
Arms of Stockport

The bearings may
be explained thus:
A blue shield covered with golden cross crosslets and on which there
are three golden lozenges – diamond shapes. (This was the shield of
arms of the De Stokeport family, from whom the town name derives). Around
the shield, a golden border on which there are alternately placed three
wheatsheaves and three double-headed eagles in blue. (The wheatsheaves
are from the arms of the Earl of Chester and the double-headed eagles
from the arms of the De Eaton family). As a crest there is a golden
crown in the form of a wall, on which there stands a green mound surmounted
by a twin-towered castle in natural colours. The shield is supported
on either side by a lion rampant (from the arms of the De Warren family
who were Lords of the Manor from 1370 to 1826). Each lion wears a collar
of Vairy Or and Gules (gold and red – a reference to the Ferrers Family
– the Earls of Derby). From the collar of one lion hangs a silver roundel
or plate bearing the Red Rose of Lancaster, and from the other a blue
roundel with the gold Garb of the Earldom of Chester. The motto “Animo
et Fide” can be translated as “With Courage and Faith”.


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