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Armorial Bearings or Coat of Arms of Salford

Salford Coat of Arms

The arms were designed
by Mr H Ellis Tomlinson when the new Metropolitan Borough of the City
of Salford was created in 1974, and combines elements of the five former
local boroughs – Salford, Eccles, Irlam, Swinton & Pendlebury and
Worsley – that make up the present Metropolitan Authority.

The shield is based
upon the former Borough of Salford arms with the blue background and
a gold ‘chief’, giving the heraldic colours of the Earls of Chester,
from whom Salford received its first charter in 1230.

The gold shuttle
and five bees, also from the old Salford arms, represent the growth
of five industrial communities round a centre of the textile industry,
and the two millrinds, the black iron centres of millstones, as symbols
of engineering.

The ship motif comes
from the Eccles arms and signifies the importance of waterways in the
area, inluding the Bridgewater Canal and the Manchester Ship Canal.

The crest, a red
half griffin holding a flag staff with a pennon, with three boar’s heads,
is one of the former Eccles supporters.

Boar’s heads were
also part of the Irlam arms, and the circle of steel around the griffin’s
neck was part of the Irlam crest, symbolising the town’s great industry.

The two supporting
lions are shown holding miners’ picks, similar to those of Swinton and
Pendlebury. Each lion is collared with a steel chain, another reference
to engineering, and are holding a white pentagonal medallion.

On one medallion
is the black broad arrow, which with the red lion, appeared in the arms
of Worsley, whilst on the other is the boar’s head from the crest of
Swinton and Pendlebury, shown in that former borough’s livery colours
of red and gold.

The motto is taken
from the old Boroughs of Swinton and Pendlebury, and reads “Salus
populi suprema”, meaning “The welfare of the people is the
highest law”.

of Salford

The Metropolitan
Borough is named after its largest settlement, the City of Salford,
but covers a far larger area which includes the towns of Eccles, Swinton,
Pendlebury, Walkden and Irlam. Its administrative centre is in

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