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The Arms & Bearings of
the Borough of Bolton

“Gules, two bendlets Or, a shuttle with weft pendant between an arrow, point
upwards, and a mule spindle in chief palewise, all of the last and an
escutcheon in base of the second thereon a rose of the first barbed
and seeded proper. On a wreath of colours, upon a rocky moor an elephant
stantant proper, on its back a castle Or and thereon a rose as in the
Arms, the trappings per pale Gules and Vert and charged with a mitre
also. On either side a lion Sable gorged with a wreath Argent and Sable,
each supporting a staff Or, flying thereform a banner, that on the dexter
vair Or and Gules, that on the sinister Argent on a bend three stags
heads caboshed Or”.

of the Arms of Bolton


Red (Gules) with two gold (Or) bands. At the top an arrow pointing upwards,
a shuttle and a mule spindle. The arrow signifies the “Bolt” part of
the town name and refers to the celebrated Bolton archers who fought
at the battle of Flodden 1513. The shuttle signifies the manufacture
of textiles which featured importantly in Bolton’s development as a
modern industrial town, and the mule spindle honours Samuel Crompton,
inventor of the Spinning Mule who was born and lived in Bolton.


An elephant bearing a castle on which is the red rose of Lancashire.
The castle, or stockade is a reference to the “Ton” part of the town
name, which simply means “town” or “settlement”, and the Lancashire
rose indicates that Bolton was historically part of that county until
municipal reorganisation in 1972. The trappings on the elephant show
a bishop’s mitre, and the rocky moor on which it stands refers to the
moors above the town and the fact that the town was formerly known as

Two black (sable) lions of Flanders referring to the to the Flemings
who settled in Bolton in the 14th century and did much to establish
the textile industry. The wreaths of white (argent) and black (sable),
about their necks, are in the the liveries of numerous local families
like the Asshetons, Bolton, Bridgeman, Bradshaw, Harrington, Lever,
Sharples, Southworth, Starkie and Tipping families. They hold gold (Or)
staffs with banners depicting the arms of the Ferrers Earls of Derby
and the Stanley Earls of Derby respectively.


“Supera Moras” meaning ‘Overcome delays’.
Arms and Crest granted 5th June 1890, Supporters and Badge granted 25th
September 1958.

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