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a Rifle or Shooting Club
security reasons, many shooting clubs prefer not to advertise or divulge
telephone numbers in such a public forum as this, and subsequently
the list is by no means exhaustive, but if you are interested in joining
a club or association, contact one of the following, and they can
provide you with details of your nearest club.


Carrying of firearms is illegal in the United Kingdom, except under
special circumstances and under strictest licencing.

Association for Shooting & Conservation

Wrexham, Clwyd, Wales. Tel: 01244-570881.

Small Bore Rifle Association

Bisley, Surrey. Tel: 01483-476969.

Shooting Sports Club

Peel Mills, Gordon Street, Bury. Tel: 0161-763 1715.

Rifle and Pistol Club

Marple, Stockport. Tel: 0161-427 9133.

West Lancashire Pistol Club

SWLPC provides a safe and comfortable environment for various target
shooting sports activities.
The club has a 25 yard 10 lane range where air rifle, small bore .22
rimfire, fullbore pistol/carbine and blackpowder can be used. We also
hold our own clay pigeon, practical shotgun and archery events.
SWLPC has operated for many years and sees a growing number of famiies
taking up shooting as a sport/hobby. Please contact us for more info
on the website at
or contact us for membership enquiries by telephone on 01257 453 689.

Clay Sports Club

Worsley Clay Sports Club
© Image
Courtesy of Worsley Clay Sports Club

Telephone-Fax: 01704-566554
Corporate Enquiries:
Membership Enquiries:
Members Enquiries:
All other Enquiries

Rifle Shooting at Rivington. Photo © Courtesy of Adventure 21, Anderton, Lancashire
Rifle Shooting at Rivington. Photo © Courtesy of Adventure 21, Anderton, Lancashire



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