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Sonia Valsecchi

Sonia Valsecchi
The Artist

Sonia Valsecchi was born in Italy in 1974.
In 1997 she graduated from Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in
Milan, Italy, with a Degree in Decoration.

During and after her studies she has exhibited
in many cultural centres and art galleries in her home country.

At first she worked as a Drawing and History
of Art teacher and as Interior Decorator. Then she returned
to full time education training in “Conservation and Restoration
of sculptured and inlaid wood” at Academy of Restoration
in Milan. She worked for several years as a restorer of antique
furniture always keeping on painting.

In 2008 she left her home country and she
moved to Paris, France, where she made several exhibitions (Salon
of Independent Artists, Thuillier Art Gallery, Open Studios).
During the same period, she exhibited also in other parts of
the country, particularly in the north (she was selected for
the International Competition, “Great Prize for the Artists
of Tomorrow” in Le Touquet, Paris Plage) and in the south
(Maison du Portal in Levens).

She has recently moved to live and work in

Of her work Sonia says:

“My passion for art is a source
of vitality that allows me to dig deeply inside in the most
hidden paths of the souls of humans and of nature. For me
everything is like a “dance”, an hymn to the passions
, the true power of life.

I love to tell about human being,
above all female figures, through my painting.

Since several years I have worked
using acrylics mixed with some materials, such as the plaster,
paper and sawdust, which give to the pictorial surface an
irregular consistency. Using the tecniques at full colour
and for transparency, I try to recreate the cardiac beat that
I feel inside me each time that I’m close to Beauty, to Nature’s
breath, to every little thing surrounding me”.

An extensive gallery of her artwork can be
seen on her website at:

Sonia can be contacted by email at:

If you are, or know of
any local artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors,
etc) located or based in and around Manchester please let us know,
and if appropriate, we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly
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