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in St Ann’s Square, Manchester

St Anns Square
is a picturesque area which includes St Ann’s Street, St Ann’s Place
and St Ann’s Passage and is bounded by three distinctive buildings
– the Royal Exchange, Barton Arcade and the elegant 18th century St
Ann’s Church, after whom the square is named. Adjoining the square
and connecting it to King Street is St Ann’s Passage. Ever popular
with Manchester city centre shoppers, and a major venue for visiting
Continental, Farmer’s and Christmas street markets, it has several
well known shopping outlets, including Tie Rack, Currys, Office, the
Early Learning Centre, Habitat, Lakeland and Moss Bros, Gap, FCUK
and the Barton, St Ann’s and Royal Exchange Arcades.

St Anns Square Shopping Manchester

are details of St Anns Square shops and facilities – listed alphabetically:

  • Aquascutum

    24 St Anns Square, Manchester M2 7JB. Tel: 0161-834 5617.
    Shopping for Men’s Fashion, Clothing & Accessories.

  • Barbour &
    Sons, J
    5 St Anns Passage, Manchester M2 6AD. Tel: 0161-832 7234.
    Menswear Retail Shop based in the St Anns Passage off St Ann’s

  • Barclay’s
    Bank PLC

    15 St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PW. Tel: 0161-214 0214. Fax: 0161-214
    Hole-in-the-wall ATM cash machine here.

  • Curry’s
    22 St Anns Square, Manchester M2 7JB. Tel: 0161-832 6311.
    High street retail electrical items, Hi-Fi, Digital and computers.

  • Early Learning

    6 St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7HN. Tel: 0161-839 1365.
    Children’s games and puzzles, outdoor toys, soft-fabric baby
    toys, dolls, baby walkers,
    musical toys, kid’s books and more.
  • Flannels
    4 St Anns House, St Anns Place, Manchester M2 7LP. Tel: 0161-832
    Menswear Retail Shop.

  • French Connection
    Group (FCUK)

    14 St Ann Street, Manchester M2 7HA. Tel: 0161 835 1727.
    Fashion Clothing.

  • Gap

    Gap Manchester

    30 St Ann Street, Manchester M2 7LF. Tel: 0161-835 4110.
    Well known High Street fashion store for the younger shopper.

  • Lakeland Leather

    Lakeland Leather Limited Manchester

    14 St. Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7HQ. Tel: 0161-831 7103.
    Leather goods, clothing, shoes and bags specialists.

  • McDonalds
    18 St Anns Square, Manchester M2 7HQ. Tel: 0161-839 7044.
    Iconic fast food chain selling burgers and various other eat in or
    takeaway delicacies.

  • Moss Bros

    1-5 St Anns Square, Manchester M2 7EF. Tel: 0161-834 7123.
    A large selection of suits and formal wear for sale and hire as well
    as a range of
    casual wear including their own brand. Boasts in being “…the
    UK’s leading authority in wedding dress and hire”.
  • Office Shoes

    Office Shoes, St Anns Square manchester

    16 St Anns Square, Manchester M2 7HQ. Tel: 0161-832 7337.

    Office sells modern, fashionable footwear of all types from office
    shoes to trainers.

  • Orange Mobile
    23 St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7PS. Tel: 0870 376 3356.
    Mobile Phones. Orange is one of the worlds’s largest communications
    brands, providing mobile, broadband, business services and multi-play
  • Ran Limited
    8 St Anns Arcade, St Annes Square, Manchester, M2 7HW. Tel: 0161
    832 9650.
  • Russell &
    2-3 St Ann’s House, St Ann’s Place, Manchester M2 7LP.
    Tel: 0161-834 3131. Website:
    Fashion » Shoe Shops in Manchester

  • Starbucks
    Coffee Shop
    9-11 St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7EF. Website:
    Coffee Shop and Restaurant.

  • Wave Contemporary
    14 Royal Exchange Arcade, St Ann’s Square/Cross Street, Manchester
    M2 7EA.
    Tel: 0161-832 9868.
    Wave Contemporary Jewellery specialises in seeking out the cream of
    contemporary jewellery design from across Europe.

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