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Chinatown is one of the
busiest and most colourful areas of city centre Manchester. Situated
just behind Piccadilly Plaza,
around George Street and Charlotte Street, off Mosley Street behind
the City Art Gallery, the
area bustles with life – tradesmen and tourists alike, and is usually
particularly well worth seeing on Sundays, when ethnic Chinese traders
from all over the county have traditionally descended on the area
to buy in food supplies from the proliferation of small shops, herbalists,
gift shops, restaurants and markets. Sadly, the recent introduction
of a few large out-of-town Chinese hypernarkets has somewhat reduced
the popularity of Chinatown’s small shops.
Apart from a profusion of Chinese Restaurants, t here are many other
ethnicities represented in Chinatown, including Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean,
Nepalese, Italian, French and Japanese shops and restaurants.
For the food-seeker, there is a cornucopia of restaurants to choose
from, both Cantonese and Pekingese, as well as other oriental restaurants.

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Plan of Chinatown

Chinese Imperial Arch, Chinatown, ManchesterChinese Arts Centre, Manchester ChinatownManchester's ChinatownChinatown Manchester

The Imperial Chinese Archway

The Chinese district is
dominated by the Imperial Chinese Archway, a gift to the City from
the Chinese people, (pictured right), the only one in Europe, and
even more decorative than that found in San Francisco.
Tourists are frequently surprised by its sudden appearance as on turning
a corner of one of Chinatown’s busy narrow streets, this initially
incongruous edifice confronts them.
Designed and built by a team of engineers from Peking, it is decorated
with ceramics, lacquer, paint and gold leaf. Beside the arch are two
pavilions for the foot-weary to rest, set amongst ornamental gardens.

Chinese Arts Centre

Market Buildings, Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1EU. Tel: 0161-832 7271.
Email: Website:
The Chinese Arts Centre opened its new centre on 28th November 2003
following a grant from the Arts Council of England. It was first established
in 1986 and now acts as a national agency, which promotes, commissions
and exhibits Chinese artists. It exhibits British born and international
contemporary Chinese artists at its gallery and develops touring exhibitions.
Touring exhibitions include the groundbreaking Representing The People
(1999) which presented a new generation of contemporary artists from
mainland China to British audiences and Made in China, an exhibition
of contemporary Chinese design (2001-2003).

Chinese Services in Manchester

  • Art & Craft
    16 Nicholas Street, Chinatown, Manchester M1. Tel: 0161-236 2333.

    Greeting cards, gifts, toys and gift wrap.

  • Oriental World
    16 Nicholas Street, Manchester M1 9EJ. Tel: 0161-236 8703.
    Chinese Art & Craft shop.

  • The Chinese Advisory Service
    117 Portland Street, Manchester M1. Tel: 0161-228 7506.
  • Manchester Wai Yin Chinese Women’s

    2nd Floor, Fraser House, 36 Charlotte Street, Manchester M1.
    Telephone: 0161-237 5908.
  • Modern Chinese Cultural Services

    55a Faulkner Street, Chinatown, Manchester M1 4FF. Tel: 0161-236 4014.

    Gift, novelty and souvenir shop.
  • Chinese Health Information Centre

    39 George Street, Manchester M1. Tel: 0161-228 0138.
  • Chinese Medical Centre
    2 St John Street, Manchester M3. Tel: 0161-839 9283.

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