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Arsenal News, Rumours, and Transfer News

With the 2018/19 season fast approaching, and the summer trading season approaching even faster, there are a lot of arsenal news and rumours spreading around about the upcoming Arsenal season. This upcoming season will mark their second season not playing in the Champions League, to which fans are not sure whether or not they will get back, based on their performance last season. Instead, Arsenal plays in the Premier League against the likes of Newcastle, Chelsea, and Liverpool. Arsenal does, however, pretty consistently remain in the top of their league, so it is not hopeless that they will make a comeback. This upcoming year, there is plenty of talk of new Arsenal news, Arsenal Rumours, and Arsenal Transfer News. It is set to be a rather interesting season for Arsenal, with their new kits being leaked and the potential Arsenal transfer information that fans are hearing early on.

Arsenal Latest Transfer News

With the current season about to end and a new season beginning in August 2018, there are a lot of rumours spreading around about who will be the newest Arsenal transfer. In fact, there are whole sites and twitter accounts dedicated to keeping fans updated on the latest Arsenal rumours, and it can become difficult to suss out which are true and which are actual rumors. For Arsenal transfer news now, read on. When it comes to Arsenal transfer news, it may be too soon to say, but there are quite a few rumours of new deals being worked out with star players to get them to come to the Arsenals during the summer trading season. The most recent rumour is that Arsenal is prepared to make an approach to get Barcelona winger Ousmane Dembele onto their team. Although Dembele is only recently new to Barcelona, he could be moving to the UK to play for Arsenal within the year. Dembele has endured many injuries in his time with Barcelona, so the French transplant may very well be looking for a way out and a fresh start to his professional soccer career.

More Arsenal News Now

Another player that has attracted a lot of attention from Arsenal, according to recent Arsenal news, is current Watford player Richarlison de Andrade. Richarlison, however, seems to be playing hard to get as he has stated publicly that he will not rule out the possibility of playing Tottenham Hotspur or Chelsea, although he has also said that his head and heart is completely with his current team. This could mean a big trade for Arsenal if their attraction for him works out this summer. Some other huge transfer deals have reportedly been in the works for Arsenal, although most are other teams approaching the team in regards to a trade. For example, some Arsenal latest transfer news states that Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent has been scouting out new teams for the famous player to transfer to, as he plans to leave Real Madrid this summer. This could attract a lot of star power to Arsenal, or Chelsea, with whom Ronaldo’s agent has also been in contact with. The Arsenal latest news is always changing and growing as the summer trading season and the 2018/19 playing season quickly approaches. There will surely be more and more trading rumours as the year progresses and summer begins. The Arsenal latest transfer news will only continue to grow.

Contract Extensions

Another aspect of Arsenal news now that fans are hearing a lot about is the possibility of the extension of the contract for the boss of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger. Wenger has been in charge of the team since 1996, and his contract is up for negotiation this summer. If chiefs at Arsenal determine not to keep the current boss on board, then his contract will run out at the end of the next season, and Arsenal will have a new boss for the first time in over 20 years. However, if chiefs at Arsenal decide to extend Wenger’s contract, it will be extended to beyond 2020, meaning that he could potentially be in charge of the team for 30 years or more. Wenger is aspiring to find a way to bring Arsenal back into the Champion League, which seems as if it would be through playing in the Europa League. However, at the end of the current (2017/18) season, Wenger runs the close risk of Arsenal finishing in the top four for the first time since he has been in charge of the league. Missing out on a top four spot is potentially risky for Wenger’s longevity with the team, because it will come at a time when his contract is up for negotiation. Fans find themselves wondering if Wenger will ever leave the team, or if he will be with them forever. However, a slew of new board members being appointed have helped to ensure that should Wenger not be asked back next season, the team can still remain strong and have good prospects going into the 2018/19 season.

Arsenal Third Kit Drama

The new kits for Arsenal have always been a big deal, and this year when the 2018/19 kits were leaked was no different. This time, however, fans were pretty much unanimously outraged at the color choice for the third kit. The color schemes for all of the kits are as follows:
  • Home: red and white
  • Away: red and navy
  • Third: light green and navy
It is the light green and navy combination that has fans up in arms. They have called the color combination “putrid” and have accused it of not looking like something that the team would or should be wearing. Sales for the new third kit have been staggeringly low, and fans seem to be becoming anxious for the team’s contract with Puma to end at the end of the 2018/19 season, as it is rumoured that Adidas will be signing a contract to design the team’s new kits. As the new season approaches, there will be more and more Arsenal rumours to go around, so be sure to stay on top of them and up to date by bookmarking this page and reading the latest headlines below.

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