Even though the 2018/19 Premier League football season doesn’t start until August, there is already a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming season- specifically surrounding the Arsenal kit 2018 home and Arsenal away kits for 2018. With many heavily mixed reviews, the kits for the 2018/19 season are definitely causing quite the stir among football fans in the UK. Hot off their first season out of the Champions league, the Arsenals certainly have something of themselves to prove, and although gameplay definitely outweighs image, people all over the UK are judging the team and the status of their future in the Champions league on the appearance of their kits.

Each team sports several different kits that are rotated out depending on the occasion and location of the game. This rotation typically includes a home kit, an away kit, a “third” kit, a training kit, and then a special kit that is worn only by the goalkeeper. Third kits are typically worn on either home or away games, specifically when the opposing team’s colors are too similar to theirs. This kit is worn less frequently, and is therefore typically something drastically different than what a team usually wears. The different kit options help make it easy for fans to support their team in the best way possible and come properly donned in all of the appropriate excitement and fanfare!

This year, the Arsenal home, away, and third kit designs leaked early, and were met with much opposition from fans, but almost equally as much praise of the design. Some were ecstatic abut the way that is looked, while others were less than pleased. However, overall, it seems that fans love the home and away kits, but are diametrically opposed to the style of the third kit. This, along with the team’s performance last season make for a very interesting intro to the 2018/19 season for the Arsenals.

Home Arsenal Kit 2018

When the new Arsenal kit 2018 leaked early in the year, a lot of positive fan buzz about the kits were regarding the new home kits. The Arsenals are known for wearing a bright, vibrant red as their home kits, but they typically have white sleeves, and sometimes even long white sleeves depending on the weather. This year, it seems that the Arsenals may have forgone the white sleeve and their home kits are an all over red color that makes the team stand out even further against the competition.

Compared to past years, this home Arsenal kit for 2018 is a bit deeper of a red color, with only white lettering on the chest standing out. This information is based on a mockup of the kit that appears to have leaked online in early 2018. If this is the case, then the new home kit is a sleek and vibrant one. It is simple, but also stands out with the Arsenal and “Fly Emirates” logos on the left side, and the Puma logo on the right.

Arsenal Away Kit 2018 

The Arsenal’s away kit is always changing. Last year’s kit was a nice fade of dark and light blue. It was a good departure from the year before, which was a yellow kit with black lettering. It just shows that when it comes to their away kits, the Arsenals are not afraid to take risks, and that is what it seems that they are doing with their 2018/19 kits as well (although not as much as they are with their third kits, but that info will come later). This year, it seems that the away kits are a fluorescent red and navy color with the standard Arsenal logo on it. It’s not a huge departure from the regular Arsenal kits, but the best part about this particular Arsenal kit for 2018 is that it complements the home kit really well, giving a more cohesive feel to the home and away kits.

Third and Other Kits

The home and away Arsenal kit for 2018 are not a huge leap for the team, which is just fine. But it is the leak of the third and one other special collab kit that are causing the biggest stir with Arsenal fans this year. They are at once the most upset and happiest they have ever been, and it makes total sense when considering the new designs of the upcoming kits.

As many may know, this season marks the last with Puma as the designer for the main Arsenal kits. So far, fans have been generally pleased with the outcome of the kits that Puma has designed, but the debut of this year’s third kits have left fans excited for the rumored Adidas design takeover that will come after the 2018/19 season. This is because the upcoming season’s third kit’s color combination is:

  • Light, almost seafoam green
  • navy
  • Features the standard Arsenals logo

The combination of these three elements has been called “bilious” and “vile” by some fans. In fact, a poll of fans has revealed that almost 60% of fans are not thrilled by the third kit. Most simply believe that it is not reflective of what the team embodies.

Lucky for those fans, they have a special Nike/AIK collab kit to admire. While the kit is not currently for sale (it sold out in minutes, the traffic from which allegedly crashed the Arsenal website), it is so popular that it’s hard to believe that it wouldn’t go back on sale sometime closer to the start of the season. The sexy new kit is all black with black lettering, and harkens back to the Arsenal team uniform from 1901.


This juxtaposition between what is being considered the ugliest and what is being considered the best ever kit has definitely left fans feeling a little bit confused and undoubtedly craving some new design elements in the Arsenal kits for 2018 and beyond.

Arsenal kit 2018 can be purchased through their official website, so be sure to check the prices!