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Patrick Macaulay

Patrick Macaulay
The Artist

Patrick Macaulay, British Artist: typography,
Americana, urban art
Specialising in typography, using paint and reclaimed timber
to create iconic images of Americana and urban art.
Patrick is a typographic artist strongly influenced by his early
career as a compositor arranging type for print. He uses hand-crafted
wooden letters often arranged in letter-press style in a printers
chase to create individual art pieces or uses wooden letters
as stencils to create typographic images.
While his work is predominantly related to letter forms it is
also heavily influenced by street art, faded lettering on old
buildings and worn or damaged signage and street advertising.
He uses reclaimed timber as a canvas adding rusted metal and
using enamel paint to create urban art that lends itself to
be viewed either indoors or outdoors. His work includes various
iconic forms on recycled timber, for example, Che Guevara, London
Underground, Post no bills and the STOP sign.
Many of Patrick’s pieces can be classed as Americana and relate
to USA events and traditions, he has travelled extensively within
the USA and has a love American roots/Hillbilly music and sounds
from the depression years. Americana is portrayed through paintings
and assemblages such as $ signs, Confederate flags and many
variations of the American flag. Americana pieces are typically
painted on recycled timber and overlaid with typography containing
subtle commentary on the US economy and its changing place in
the world.
Patrick was born in 1944 in Burnley, Lancashire, served an apprenticeship
as a compositor, composing metal type of individual letters
into words and lines of text tightly bound together to make
up a page image for mounting on a Letterpress machine. His job
gradually became obsolete with the introduction of the computer
and digital typesetting and Patrick decided to pursue his career
Since taking early retirement in 2008 he has re-established
his love of typography.
He lives in the Castlefield area of Manchester and has a workshop
in a disused mill closeby.

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