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Prestigious Web
Awards won so far and what they had to say about “Manchester UK”.

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Winner of the Ozz Achievement Award
“…the most comprehensive and accurate I have seen” –
The Ozz Award
Winner of The Idiom Sisters Award for Content-Rich Sites

Winner of The Idiom Sisters “Award for Content-Rich Sites”

Winner of BTDesign Award
“A real precious resource …about the city. Congratulations and keep
up the good work” – BTDesign Award
Winner of Curts Web Excellence Award

“You’ve done a great job!” –
Curt’s Web
Excellence Award

Winner of the Historic and Cultural Heritage Award
Historic and Cultural Heritage Bronze Award – “…for enriching
the Internet community”

Winner of the "Sit and Entertain Me" Award
“Well laid out and informative” – The Sit & Entertain
Me Award
Winner or the Arete Wave Bronze Award
Arete Wave Award for “..excellence in content that adds to human knowledge”
Winner of the Web Worksite Cool Award of Recognition.
“…skill and workmanship and thoroughly enjoyed visiting your
site” – Web Worksite Cool Award of Recognition
Winner of Southwest Web & Banner Site Design Award
” A nicely designed site with easy navigation and many interesting
facts” – Southwest Web & Banner Design Site Design Award
Winner of the Standing Ovation Award

“For the excellent quality, artistry, and content of your website”
– The Standing Ovation Award
Winner of the Castle Roogna's Excellent Site Award

The Castle Roogna’s
Excellent Site Award

Winner of Luuk's Travel Site Silver Award for Excellence
” This site is indeed an added value to the Internet…the content
is unbelievably complete…and I congratulate you with it”.
Winner of the Piney Mountain Gold Cone Award for Web Design Excellence.
“..for outstanding quality (our highest award)” – Piney
Mountain Press Inc Golden Cone Award.

“…honoured to inform you that you are a winner of my award”
– Nikola Kitanovic – Absolute Award

Winner of the International Association of Web Masters and Designers Golden Web Award
“You have obviously worked very hard – proudly
display your Award” – The Golden Web Award

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