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Martin Stynes FRSA

Martin Stynes
The Artist

Martin was born in Dublin in 1950 and moved
to England in 1955.

At the age of 12, Martin’s art teacher, Mr
Connolly at Blessed Philip Howard School in Glossop, told him
to go home and turn one of his abstract doodles into a large
painting. He did – on an 8ft x 4ft piece of hardboard using
gloss and emulsion leftovers. Mr Connolly came to see the painting
and got friends to exhibit it. They bought it and that was the
start of his career in art.

Martin took his ‘O’ level Art early and then
his ‘A’ level art at De La Salle College Salford. He attended
Derby College of Art, then Stourbridge College of Art and Goldsmiths
College in London.

Since 1974, Martin has taught art in London
and Salford, Manchester and retired as an Assistant Head teacher
in 2008.

In 2007 he was elected to be a fellow of
the Royal Society of Arts.

He has returned to painting seriously in
2009 and has an extensive gallery of work on show on his website
and a number of works are currently exhibited at Gallery 786
in Manchester.

His inspiration comes from landscapes and
the power of colour and scale. From an early age he has acknowledged
the importance of the American Abstract Expressionist School
and in particular of the work by Barnett Newman and Adolphe
Gottlieb. He was also inspired by seeing the work of John Hoyland
in the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester whilst still a student.

He says now that:

“These paintings come from observation,
memories and emotions and are nearly always based on landscapes.

When I look at a landscape the feelings
of awe and wonder can be overwhelming.

The beauty of the world can sometimes
be heartbreaking. These feelings and memories drive my painting;
I feel I am entering a world of child like simplicity but
my actions are controlled by complex cognitive processes of
which I am largely unaware until the time, that is, when the
painting is finished.

I parcel all the colours, spaces,
memories and emotions that are in my mind, then send this
into the future to be unwrapped when the painting is finished.
It often is not what I expected to see.”

Martin can be contacted via the following:

Mobile: 07926 175 472

If you wish to enquire about a painting or
limited edition prints available in the gallery, or would like
to discuss options for a commission piece or have a chat about
Martin’s work he would be more than happy to discuss this with



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