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Parishes in the 17th Century

parishes of Lancashire in the late 17th century were a fragmented mishmash
without apparent rationale. They varied widely in physical size and
population. It is notable that the Parish of Manchester, for example,
was considerably smaller than the parishes associated with lesser towns
and districts of smaller size and population. Eccles parish was, at
that time, equal in area to the Manchester parish, which appears on
this period map as small and relatively unimportant.
parishes seem illogically distributed nowadays – for instance, who would
think of linking Prestwich with Oldham, when they are not even in the
same borough, nor ever were?
parishes were also physically split into different areas – Prestwich
and Oldham is an example, as is Middleton and Walton on the Hill – these
cover areas which are physically separated from each other with other
parishes between.
parishes also included many that are in areas no longer in the County
of Lancashire – thanks largely to the redrawing of county and regional
boundaries in 1973. The Cartmel and other South Lakeland parishes are
now in Cumbria; Walton, Sefton and other nearby parishes are now in

Map of 17th Century Lancashire Parishes

Parishes of Lancashire in the 17th Century

Parish of Kirby Ireleth Parish of Ulverston Parish of Pennington Parish of Urswick Parish of Aldingham Parish of Dalton Parish of Colton Parish of Cartmel Parish of Warton Parish of Whittington Parish of Tunstall Parish of Bolton-le-Sands Parish of Halton Parish of Claughton Parish of Melling Parish of Tatham Parish of Lancaster Parish of Cockerham Parish of Garstang Parish of St Michael on Wyre Parish of Poulton le Fylde Parish of Bispham Parish of Lytham Parish of Kirkham Parish of Preston Parish of Chipping Parish of Ribchester Parish of Blackburn Parish of Whalley Parish of Penwortham Parish of Brindle Parish of Leyland Parish of Croston Parish of North Moels Parish of Ormskirk Parish of Aughton Parish of Halsall Parish of Altcar Parish of Walton on the Hill Parish of Sefton Parish of Walton on the Hill Parish of Eccleston Parish of Standish Parish of Wigan Parish of Middleton Parish of Bolton Parish of Deane Parish of Bury Parish of Middleton Parish of Radcliffe Parish of Rochdale Parish of Prestwich & Oldham Parish of Ashton-under-Lyne Parish of Manchester Parish of Leigh Parish of Childwall Parish of Huyton Parish of Prescot Parish of Eccles Parish of Flixton

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Key to
Old Lancashire Parishes

A Altcar M Middleton
AD Aldingham MG Melling
AU Aughton NM North
B Brindle OR Ormskirk
BI Bispham P Pennington
BS Bolton-le-Sands PF Poulton-le-Fylde
C Claughton PO Prestwich
& Oldham
CH Chipping PW Penwortham
CHI Childwell R Radcliffe
CK Cockerham RI Ribchester
CR Croston SE Sefton
DA Dalton SM St
Michael on Wyre
DE Deane ST Standish
EC Eccleston TA Tatham
FL Flixton TU Tunstall
H Halton UR Urswick
HA Halsall UV Ulverston
HY Huyton WA Walton
on the Hill
KI Kirby
WH Whittington
LE Leigh WT Warton
LY Lytham    

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