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Since its emergence as a first city of the Industrial Revolution,
in the eighteenth century, and its pre-eminence in the manufacture
and processing of textiles through its spinning and weaving of
cotton in the nineteenth, it has ranked as a major industrial
base for the country. It is ideally placed for the transhipment
of raw materials inwards and finished products outwards by its
complex patchwork of interconnected motorways, a major international
airport with a World Freight Centre and its main line west coast
railway terminating at 2 major rail stations.

In earlier days the city had its revolutionary canals, including
the very first, the Bridgewater Canal which brought coal into
Manchester city centre, and later, the great Manchester Ship Canal,
linking directly to Liverpool and to the oceans of the world.
The manufacturing industries in Manchester, along with a national
trend throughout Britain, saw a rapid decline in the 20th and
early 21st centuries, mainly due to the emergence of more competitive
far eastern producers. However, despite Manchester’s old cotton
industries having by now all but disappeared, the region has to
a great extent reinvented itself, discovering new outlets for
its enterprise, and still boasts many important and active areas
of industry and manufacturing.


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