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Lindi Kirwin: "Ben Finished"
“Ben Finished”

Painting of Debbie by Lindi Kirwin

“Debbie Neg”


"Park House Hill & Chrome Hill" by Cheshirer Artist Lindi Kirwin
“Park House Hill & Chrome Hill”

"Sheer Bliss"
“Sheer Bliss”

"View From Lyme Park Cage"
“View From Lyme Park Cage”

Lindi Kirwin

Lindi Kirwin
The Artist

Lindi was born in Bowdon, Cheshire in 1959
and after bringing up her family, she went on to pursue a successful
career as a professional artist, exhibited in many galleries
and selling her work to private collectors, worldwide.

Based at her studio on the 3rd floor at Vernon
Mill in Stockport, Lindi’s contemporary paintings are inspired
by many of the Old Masters, and of today’s artists, Jenny Saville;
yet in contrast to her morbid reflection of the human form,
she admires the romantic beauty of Pino Daeni’s style. Egon
Schiele is also a firm favourite for inspiration.

Lindi’s passion of figurative work is tastefully
provocative and sensual; her land/seascapes are vibrant and
atmospheric; all these paintings are executed in her specialism
of dry-brush acrylic, using no water.

owever, it is evident that she is also recognised
for her work in oils and mixed media, and her humorous pen illustrations.
She uses her photos and sketches for reference and is also inspired
by proverbs, quotes, poetry text, which she will successfully
interpret into abstract paintings.

In 2006, she was approached by Dorling Kindersley
publishers to use examples of her work in their art books.

Her artistic intention is to provoke her
audience enough to ‘lose’ themselves in what they see and perhaps

Much of her time is devoted to commission
enquiries. Her figurative and landscapes are available as archival
quality Signed Limited Edition Giclée Prints (limited
to 100).

You are able to contact Lindi via her website
if you have any queries.



Tel (Mobile): 0789 005 7362

Above: Lindi with her painting “Jamtastic” (Manchester
Preserved) for Duerr’s Jams, (actually painted in jam!). Sold
for the sum of £5,000 which went to the Manchester Childrens’


If you are, or know of
any local artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors,
etc) located or based in and around Manchester please let us know,
and if appropriate, we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly
by email.


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