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  • Association of Greater Manchester

    The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities acts as the voice
    of the ten local authorities of Greater Manchester and works in partnership
    with other organisations within the city region. Email:

  • Autism Greater Manchester
    Greater Manchester Consortium to Develop Local Services for People with
    Autism has was formed by the 10 Social Services Departments in Greater
    Manchester. The Consortium funds and steers the National Autistic Society’s
    (NAS) Family Services Development Project for the region, which supports
    the strategic development of local services for people with autism and
    Asperger syndrome.

  • Boundary Committee North West
    (Greater Manchester)
    Headquarters: Trevelyan House, Great Peter Street, London SW1P 2HW.
    Tel: 020-7271 0500. Fax: 020-7271 0505.
    Required to carry out electoral reviews in each local government area
    in England at periodic intervals. The latest programme from the Local
    Government Commission for England was completed in October 2004. Their
    website contains information regarding boundary changes and electoral
    issues concerning the 10 Metropolitan Boroughs of Greater Manchester.

  • Community Foundation for Greater

    A nonprofit organisation that develops and promotes local charity through
    voluntary and community organisations in a philanthropic and sustainable
    manner. Website:

  • Crown Prosecution Service – Greater

    Chief Crown Prosecutor, PO Box 237, 8th floor, Sunlight House, Quay
    Street, Manchester M60 3PS.
    Tel: 0161-827 4700. Fax: 0161-827 4930.
    The Crown Prosecution Service is the Government Department responsible
    for prosecuting people in England and Wales who have been charged with
    a criminal offence. As the principal prosecuting authority in England
    and Wales, they are responsible for:

    – Advising the police
    on cases for possible prosecution.
    – Reviewing cases submitted by the police.
    – Preparing cases for court.
    – Presentation of cases at court.


  • Department for Education & Skills
    – Greater Manchester

    Performance tables for 16-18 year olds in schools, colleges and educational
    establishments in all 10 Greater Manchester local authorities. Website:

  • Greater Manchester Campaign for Nuclear

    GMDCND, Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street, Manchester M4 7HR.
    Tel: 0161-273 8283. Fax: 0161-273 8293.
    The CND has been working for a nuclear free future since 1958, and remains
    one of the largest membership organisations in the country. They campaign
    non-violently to rid the world of nuclear weapons and other weapons
    of mass destruction and to create genuine security for future generations.

    Email: Website:

  • Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary

    St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, Manchester M12 6FZ.
    Tel: 0161-277 1000. Fax: 0161-273 8296.
    The GMCVO is the voluntary and community sector infrastructure organisation
    for the sub-region of Greater Manchester. Its aim is to strengthen the
    voluntary and community sector, build bridges with other sectors, and
    influence local and national policy.
    Email: Website:

  • Greater Manchester Borough Council

    Details of all 10 Greater Manchester Metropolitan Borough websites:

    • Bolton –
    • Bury –
    • Manchester –
    • Oldham –
    • Rochdale –
    • Salford –
    • Stockport –
    • Tameside –
    • Trafford –
    • Wigan –
  • Greater Manchester County Record

    56 Marshall Street, New Cross, Manchester M4 5FU.
    Tel: 0161-832 5284. Fax: 0161-839 3808. Website:
    The GMCRO stores the written heritage of and documentation relating
    to the Greater Manchester Area.

  • Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign
    The Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign is a voluntary group working
    to make cycling in Greater Manchester quicker, safer, easier and more
    enjoyable. Website:

  • Greater Manchester & East Lancashire
    NHS Trusts


  • Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue

    Website: See Also: Main
    Entry – Fire Service

  • Greater Manchester Hazards Centre
    23 New Mount Street, Manchester M4 4DE.
    Greater Manchester and North West free advice aimed at helping workers
    – Trades Union safety reps, community groups and others – to deal with
    health and safety problems at work and hazards in the community. Produce
    thrice yearly newsletter, Hazardous Times , fact sheets and packs
    on a range of hazards, affiliations. Email:

  • Greater Manchester Health Protection

    Floor 7b, Peel House, Albert Street, Eccles, Salford M30 0NJ.
    Tel: 0161-786 6710. Fax: 0161-707 9686.
    The Greater Manchester HPU provides specialist health protection advice
    as well as operational support on all health protection matters to NHS
    trusts, local authorities, community health services (including schools
    and social services), and the general public. Website:

  • Greater Manchester Information Network

    G-MING aims to create a high performance multi-service telecommunications
    infrastructure for the Greater Manchester educational community and
    associated organisations. G-MING can be contacted via:
    Dr Peter Mills, Manchester Computing, University of Manchester,
    Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL. Tel: 0161-275 6005. Fax: 0161-275 6040.


  • Greater Manchester Low Pay Unit
    23 New Mount Street, Manchester M4 4DE . Tel: 0161-953 4024.
    The Greater Manchester Low Pay Unit is an independent advice, research
    and campaigning organisation working on issues of low pay, employment,
    rights at work and welfare reform. Website:

  • Greater Manchester Metropolitan County
    Census Statistics

    In-depth analysis and statistics from the latest 2001 Census.

  • Greater Manchester Open College Network
    Mauldeth House, Nell Lane, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 7RL.
    Tel: 0161-860 2710. Fax: 0161-860 2711.
    Greater Manchester Open College Network is an organisation which offers
    accreditation to learners for whom traditional qualifications are inappropriate
    and inaccessible. It is a Network of members and users – colleges of
    further education, universities and colleges of higher education, voluntary
    and community organisations and employers – operating in the Greater
    Manchester area.
    Email: Website:

  • Greater Manchester Pension Fund
    Concord Suite, Manchester Road, Droylsden, Tameside M43 6SF.
    Tel: 0161-301 7000. Fax: 0161-301 7001.
    The Greater Manchester Pension Fund was created in 1974 following local
    government reorganisation. It is a statutory final salary scheme and
    the benefits are guaranteed by law and meets the requirements of the
    Department for Work and Pensions. Email: Website:

  • Greater Manchester Police
    PO Box 22, Manchester M16 0RE. Tel: 0161-872 5050 (where police attendance
    is required, to report other incidents and for general enquiries). The
    Greater Manchester Police website is focused on community policing,
    crime prevention, Manchester crime, community safety, police jobs, police
    employment. Website: See also: Main
    Entry – Police

  • Greater Manchester Police Federation
    Broadstone Hall Road South, Reddish, Stockport, SK5 7DE. Tel: 0161-355
    Fax: 0161-355 4410. Website:
    Greater Manchester Police Federation, representing the member of our
    police force in welfare, discipline, finance and other matters.

  • Greater Manchester Probation Service
    6th Floor, Oakland House, Talbot Road, Manchester, M16 0PQ .
    Tel: 0161-872 4802. Fax: 0161-872 3483.
    News and information about probation services in the Greater Manchester
    area. Includes details of community activities, jobs and locations.

  • Greater Manchester Public Transport

    9 Portland Street, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester M60 1HX.
    Head Office switchboard: 0161-242 6000. (NOT for timetable information)
    The GMPTE oversees bus and rail transit services and operates Metrolink
    tram lines in the Manchester area. Website:

  • Greater Manchester Strategic Health

    Gateway House, Piccadilly South, Manchester M60 7LP.
    Tel: 0161-236 9456. Information on health services in the Greater Manchester

  • Greater Manchester Youth Justice

    4th Floor, Cheetwood House, 21 Newton Street, Manchester M1 1FZ.
    Tel: 0161-233 6800. Fax: 0161-233 6801.
    Set up in 1994 with funding from the Home Office to act as a catalyst
    in bringing agencies together to tackle youth offending. The Trust assists
    partner agencies across Greater Manchester to find just and effective
    solutions to the reduction and long term prevention of youth crime by
    studying the evidence of what is effective and applying this wherever
    possible to current debate, current work and the development of initiatives.

  • Learning and Skills Council Greater

    Arndale House, Arndale Centre, Manchester M4 3AQ . Tel: 0845-019 4142.
    Fax: 0161-261 0370.
    The Learning and Skills Council Greater Manchester is responsible for
    funding and planning education and training for over 16 year olds in
    the Greater Manchester region.
    Email: Website:

  • Nursing Homes in Greater Manchester

    Tel: (Freephone) 0800-137 669.
    A detailed list of towns in Greater Manchester with Nursing Home information
    including nursing, care and residential homes in all districts of Greater

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