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General Practitioners

Family doctors, general practitioners
(or GPs) provide primary medical and health care, treating both acute
and chronic illnesses as well as providing preventive care and health
education. These services are available free at the point of need through
the National Health Service (the NHS) in the United Kingdom.

NHS or Private?

Most GPs offer free treatment
under the NHS, and many also offer private consultations (for which
you have to pay). Normally, you would register with a neighbourhood
doctor or medical practice on moving into the area. This is a simple
formality – make an appointment to see the doctor and ask to be placed
on his list – that’s essentially all you need to do. Serious illnesses
are often initially seen and diagnosed by a GP who will then refer you
to a specialist consultant at a nearby hospital for more complex and
advanced treatments.
Medical practices often also employ a practice nurse to manage routine
work, patient monitoring and minor treatments or check-ups.

Serious Accidents & Emergencies

More serious medical emergencies
and accident treatments are usually dealt with directly through Accident
& Emergency Departments (A&E) of any hospital.
You may go directly to A&E or in serious cases dial 999 to call
an ambulance.

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& Hospitals

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