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Windermere Boutique Hotel Review

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The Windermere Boutique Hotel is located in the English Lake District. Only 20 minutes from Keswick, the Windermere Boutique Hotel features a restaurant, bar and free WiFi. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant as well as free private parking on site.

Every room has a flat-screen TV, and some rooms have a sitting area where you can relax, a terrace, and/or patio as additional features. Room ammenities include free toiletries and a hairdryer. The Superior rooms also feature a spa tubor a sauna.

windermere boutique hotel bedroomThe beautiful hotel includes room service as well.

Ambleside is 5 miles from Windermere Boutique Hotel, and Bowness-on-Windermere is 1,950 feet away.

This property also has one of the top-rated locations in Windermere! Guests are happier about it compared to other properties in the area.

This property is also rated for the best value in Windermere! Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.

Windermere Boutique Hotel Overview and Review


When traveling through Manchester, the hotels you stay at can make or break your experience. Windermere Boutique Hotel will certainly make your experience. This 4 star hotel is located within the lovely English Lake District in Cumbria. This boutique style hotel is smaller than a typical chain, but it offers a lot of unique appeal and charm to its potential guests.


As one of the highest rated hotels in town, it is about time to see if Windermere lives up to the hype surrounding it. Before we begin reviewing this boutique hotel, we should establish the basics of what travelers typically look for in their hotel stays.


What Are the Basic Things a Hotel Should Offer?


Everyone has certain expectations when we stay at a hotel or inn, whether they realise it or not. While the luxury standards may be held different from person to person, there are still a lot of qualities that are universally expected by all guests. Here are the basic qualities of a hotel that guests tend to look for:


  1. Internet


In today’s modern age of technology, a decent (and free) Wi-Fi connection is all but a requirement. A Wi-Fi connection makes working on the road more possible as well as keeping up to date on social media all the easier. Depending on a guest’s individual demands, Wi-Fi can be just as important as the sanitation levels of the establishment. Windermere Boutique Hotel does offer free high speed internet for their guests, so potential visitors can check that off their list!


  1. Cleanliness


No matter what hotel it is, cleanliness should obviously be of the upmost importance. Fortunately, Windermere has proved that they take cleanliness very seriously – from the bedrooms and bathrooms to the common areas and the lobby. A clean room is a welcoming room.


  1. Location


The location of a hotel is a major factor in determining its convenience and practicality. A poor location can negatively impact a guest’s visit, and even deter them from ever returning. Windermere is very close to Lake Windermere and just a short distance from the Windermere Rail Station, which gives guests the freedom to spend their days however they like instead of confined to their rooms (although, given the attention to detail in these rooms that doesn’t sound too bad).


Here are some other great things Windermere is close to:

  • Bowness
  • National Parkland
  • Ambleside
  • The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction Bowness


  1. Comfort


Comfort ranges anywhere from the softness of the bed simply the overall state of the room. If a room isn’t warm and welcoming, a guest will never relax and feel comfortable. The same goes for the bed – a comfortable bed it crucial to a guest’s stay. Windermere Boutique Hotel has a plethora of reviews praising them for the comfort all of their suites provide. Although some of Windermere’s ceilings are a little low, that hasn’t proved to be an issue (even with taller guests).


The cosy, warm rooms are complimented by the in-suite hot tubs that are the epitome of relaxation. Even though the surrounding areas offer a lot of outdoor activities, one could be completely content enjoying the facilities of their hotel suite. Depending on the suite, there is also an outdoor hot tub that is very nice, but there is an intimidating list of rules hung by the tub for safety purposes.


  1. Food


While not all hotels will offer food or have a restaurant service, we can all agree that it is certainly nice when they do. A hot breakfast can brighten up your morning and significantly add to your overall experience. Windermere offers a tasty variety of fresh breakfast choices, not just your typical eggs and sausage options. Room service at Windermere also has a variety of options, such as gourmet burgers that are quite delicious.



  1. Friendly Staff


Friendly hotel staff members can make guests feel welcomed and invited, while unfriendly and unhelpful staff members will ensure that guests will never want to return. Knowledgeable staff can make the entire check in and check out process run more smoothly as well as efficiently handle any problems that they encounter.


The staff at Windermere have proved themselves to be incredibly welcoming and cheerful when interacting with each and every guest. Even when there was an issue with a bedroom boiler being too noisy, the staff was able to quickly switch the guests to a less disruptive suite and offer up a complimentary bottle of champagne as an apology. These little details add up and go a long way.


Pros and Cons of Staying at the Windermere Boutique Hotel


Like all hotels, Windermere has some pros and cons that are specific to it. Let’s start with the pros of staying Windermere.




  • Tasty food
  • Comfortable, heated rooms
  • Lovely amenities
  • Peaceful ambiance
  • Helpful staff
  • Amazing attention to detail in the decor




  • Small hotel (it is boutique style, after all) so if a neighbor is being disruptive or noisy it will certainly be heard
  • Popular among younger crowds, noise could also be expected from that
  • A little expensive
  • Not a lot of activities in the surrounding area
  • In-room coffee could be better


Overall, we think this boutique style 4 star hotel is well worth checking out. Each suite is impeccably clean while also being warm and welcoming, and the provided amenities, such as the spa bathroom, are very luxurious. The warm breakfast offers a variety of fresh ingredients and tasty dishes as opposed to bland tasting and simple plates. If something is amiss in the suite, the helpful staff is happy to remedy the problem. Travelers looking for a uniquely decorated, smaller hotel to stay in should definitely check out Windermere.


While this isn’t the cheapest place to stay when traveling, Windermere does offer special promotions and pricing at various times throughout the year. Check the price of Windermere Boutique Hotel’s luxurious available rooms on their website.