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Geoff Butterworth: "Afternoon Tea"
“Afternoon Tea”

"A Healthy Interest in Birds"  watercolour by Geoff Butterworth
“A Healthy Interest in Birds”

“A Minor Inconvenience”

“Double Image – Manchester”

"Lobster Pots" by Manchester Artist, Geoff Butterworth
“Lobster Pots”

Geoff Butterworth FRSA, BWS

Geoff Butterworth Manchester Artist
The Artist

Geoff Butterworth was born in Littleborough
in 1951 and always wanted to become an artist. He enrolled at
Rochdale Art College at the age of 15 but later turned to engineering
as a career. It was the advent of a serious road accident at
the age of 22 that ended one career and opened up the opportunity
for another.

Turning from oils to watercolour focussed
Geoff onto new subjects and a realisation that the urban landscape
would be his strong point. His first exhibition was at the Great
House Gallery at Rivington in 1980.

Since then he has exhibited at the Church
Hill Gallery at Knutsford, Manchester’s G-Mex and Platform
One Gallery. Many other exhibitions around the country followed
and his work has sold internationally.

He was elected into the Royal Society of
Arts in 1987 and won top prize on three occasions at the British
Watercolour Society exhibitions in Ilkley, Yorkshire.

Now an elected member of the Birmingham Watercolour
Society he has won major prizes at the Laing Watercolour competitions
at the Mall Gallery and exhibited in the Singer and Friedlander
and the Not the Turner Prize.

Of himself and his work, Geoff says:

”I have always tried to work in
the pure watercolour style and to give each new painting an
edge over the last. My aim is to produce a painting that I
will never sell.’

He now exhibits at Sandifords Gallery Rochdale
and Oscars at Rawtenstall and Lytham.

His work is also exhibited at Art Decor,
Whalley and Gallery One Southport.

Contact Geoff by telephone on 01706 633095
at his Studio or by email:

Or visit his website:

“Bury Market”

If you are, or know of
any local artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors,
etc) located or based in and around Manchester please let us know,
and if appropriate, we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly
by email.

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