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Ethical Statement

Papillon Graphics and the “Manchester
UK” website, (formerly known from 1999 as “Manchester 2002”
and “Manchester 2004”) will endeavour to apply the following
Code of Ethics to this website, and all and any entries contained herein
should conform to this code. Anything contained in the website which
fails to meet this code should be brought to our attention and we will
earnestly endeavour to change or amend it.

  • We believe that, in general and with few notable
    exceptions, the quality and standards of material and presentation found
    on the Internet is very poor, and we are therefore committed to raising,
    establishing and maintaining an acceptably higher standard than that
    generally found.

  • Much of the material found on the Internet is trivial,
    derivative, plagiaristic or downright stolen. We frown on such practices
    and are committed to the creation of a website which has real and original
    value and that enriches the Internet community.

  • We believe that information is intrinsically a valuable
    commodity, and that all information should be free, and freely available.
    We believe in people who are informed rather than blinkered.

  • We shall make every effort to comply with local,
    state, federal and international laws regarding fair trade and business
    practices. This includes the relevant COPPA Act in the USA (See our
    Privacy Policy), and United Kingdom
    Laws such as the Data Protection Act, Computer Misuse Act, Obscene Publications
    Act, etc.

  • We absolutely endorse and comply with all regulations
    prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, nationality,
    sexual orientation, disability or age, and we shall make no discrimination
    of any kind on our website.

  • We will honour and respect the intellectual rights
    and property of others.

  • Our website will be free of pornography and/or sexual
    adult content, so as to be appropriately accessible to people of all
    ages and offensive to none.

  • Access to our website will remain free and not require
    any payment, subscription of membership to access it.

  • Our website will remain “family friendly” and be
    suitable and appropriate for people of any age or sensitivity.

  • We want our website to be accessible to the widest
    possible audience – to this end we have tested it in a variety of browsers,
    and are confident that it can be accessed at the lowest reasonable specification
    by most coomon browsers, including Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape

  • Our website will have no political, religious or
    sectarian bias (and will refuse to publish any material that encourages
    such attitudes), but will endeavour to provide an equal forum to all

  • We agree to exhibit the highest levels of professionalism
    and integrity online.

  • We wholeheartedly disapprove of unsolicited e-mail
    (so-called UCE or “spam”) and the flimsy pretexts some webmasters make
    to send unsolicited email.

  • We feel committed to the promotion and upkeep of
    standards in writing of the English language. For us this means UK English
    – not through any misguided sense of superiority or snobbery, nor because
    it is in any way better than US, Australian, pigeon, Patois, or any
    other version or dialect of the English language – but simply because
    that’s where we come from and it’s our natural and obvious choice, and,
    for better or worse, it’s the way we speak it. This means that spellings
    used on our website will be in UK English (eg. words will end in “…ise”
    rather than “…ize”, “honour” and “flavour”, rather than “honor” or “flavor”,
    “programme” rather than “program”, etc).

  • Like it or not, we are obliged to seek advertising
    revenue to pay the rent, but we promise to keep these to an unavoidable
    minimum, to keep such advertisements low down on a page so as not to
    impede page loading, and to ensure that page content remains of primary

  • We believe that “Content” is of paramount
    importance. We have nothing against good graphics and attractive interfaces,
    in fact, we come from a Graphic Design background and thus we actively
    applaud them, but this must never be at the expense of accessing information.
    Information is primarily what people access the Internet to find – we
    believe that our most important function is therefore to provide information
    directly and clearly.

  • We are committed to maintaining a website that
    exhibits the following characteristics:

      1. Usefulness of information;
      2. Ease of navigation within the site;
      3. Reasonably fast response and page loading time;
      4. Readability and originality;
      5. Friendly layout;
      6. Consistent layout;
      7. Attractive, uncluttered low-key layout;
      8. Use of available technology, but nothing that
        impedes or hinders accessing information;
      9. No distracting flashes, consoles or pop-ups;
      10. Banners and advertisements will always be of
        secondary importance to page content;
      11. Good listings on major search engines;
      12. Every topic accessible where possible within
        two clicks;
      13. Graphics and pictures optimised for good resolution
        and fast downloading;
      14. Grammar & Spelling should be as free from error
        as possible;
      15. Content will remain as accurate and updated
        as we can make it.

  • We realise that we are human and therefore prone
    to error. We welcome constructive feedback, contributions from others,
    as to ways of improving our website, or of correcting errors and omissions.
  • Last updated 2 March 2009.


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