Manchester Middle Eastern Restaurants


Middle & Near Eastern Restaurants

Including Tavernas offering
Greek, Cypriot, Turkish, Persian, Armenian, Lebanese & Kosher Cuisines.

Cypriot & Armenian
Tavernas and Meze Restaurants

Manchester has several notable Greek
bars, tavernas, kebab houses and meze restaurants which reflects the
local Greek, Armenian and Cypriot population of the city, and which
attract diners from all over the region. Regional Mediterranean specialities
include lavish seafood platters, famous meze dishes, kleftikas, mousakas
and other Mediterranean delights, with a few bouzouki bars offering
traditional dancing and (sometimes) plate-smashing.

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Kosher Restaurants
in Manchester

With such a large Jewish population
in Manchester, little wonder that the city and wider region are well
served with kosher restaurants and kosher food suppliers. Kosher (also
kashrut, kashrus or kashruth) signifies food that meets with Jewish
dietary law. To be certified as kosher, the KIR kosher certification
department has certified thousands of ingredients and food products
from all over the world with the help of experts in the Kashrus industry
and food technology. See more at their website:

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Persian &
Lebanese Restaurants in Manchester

Manchester has many Middle Eastern
and Persian or Iranian restaurants offering exotic spicy mezes, traditional
charcoal dishes, goulashes, kebabs and banquets. Manchester Iranian
cuisine is diverse and includes a wide variety of foods ranging from
kabab and rice, roasted meats like barg, koobideh, joojeh, shishleek,
soltani, kookoo and a diverse variety of salads, appetizers and desserts.
Some Manchester restaurants also offer a number of Shisha or Hookah
water pipe smoking facilities offering a true Eastern Mediterranean
and Persian experience.

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Turkish Restaurants in Manchester

Manchester’s Turkish restaurants employ
traditional cuisine (occasionally still known as Ottoman cuisine) and
has been described as a fusion of Balkan, Central Asian and other Middle
Eastern cuisines. Traditional Persian food utilises lighter and more
delicate spices, rice dishes and an extensive seafood menu. The cuisine
of the region uses fish extensively, especially the Black Sea anchovy
(hamsi),as well as its famous kebabs, mezes and dough-based desserts
such as baklava, kadayif and künefe.

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