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Jodrell Bank & the Lovell Radio Telescope

Lower Withington, near Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11
Tel: 01477-571321 Fax: 01477-571618. Website:

Originally established by Bernard Lovell to study cosmic rays and
known as the Jodrell Bank Experimental Station, then later the Nuffield
Radio Astronomy Laboratories, the Jodrell Bank Observatory is part
of the University of Manchester School of Physics and Astronomy. It
is home to the Lovell Radio Telescope and the MERLIN/VLBI National
Facility which is operated by the University on behalf of PPARC. The
facility is located in the central Cheshire countryside and when the
radio telescope stands vertically it dominates the landscape for many
miles around as it has since the mid-20th century.

Sir Bernard LovellJodrell Bank Radio TelescopeJodrell Bank in Cheshire
Sir Bernard Lovell and the Radio Telescope overl;ooking the Cheshire

When, in 1945, under the direction of Professor
Sir Bernard Lovell
, building began of the 218ft diameter parabolic
reflecting aerial, it was the largest radio telescope in the world,
now just the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world.
There are three other active telescopes located at the observatory
The Centre also offers periodic lectures, as well as distance learning
and degree courses in astronomy and related sciences. The on-site
Discovery Centre is open to the public from 10am to 5pm every day,
last admission at 4pm. The Centre is occasionally closed for special
events or public holidays. Please visit the Centre website at
to find out more or telephone on 01477 571 766.

The Lovell Telescopr, Jodrell Bank, Cheshire
The Lovell Telescope. Aerial photograoh courtesy of Webb Aviation © 2008 – All rights reserved

Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre

Contact Email:
The Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre is the visitor centre for the world
famous Lovell Radio Telescope and Jodrell Bank Observatory. The Visitor
Centre’s Observational Pathway surrounds much of the base of the Lovell
Telescope allowing visitors a closer view of its operation and construction
– it is an impressive sight, both viewed from a distance and at extremem
close proximity.
The Centre also has a 3D Theatre, small exhibition area, 35 acre Arboretum
with its National Collections of Malus and Sorbus, an award winning
Environmental Discovery Centre, which houses our Tree Planet exhibition,
the Space Café and Shop.
While the general public are not allowed access to the research laboratories
there is a behind-the-scenes mini-tour of the day-to-day running of
Jodrell Bank, including the Control Room, the Lovell Observing Room,
the Merlin Suite, the UK VLBI Centre and the Link Hut.
Please note that there is no longer a Planetarium on site but while
the Centre undergoes a redevelopment programme there are periodic
exhibitions of general and specific scientific and astronomical interest.
Further information on Jodrell Bank Observatory and astronomy is available
by email:, or accessing the General Public
pages of the official website at

Jodrell Bank Opening Times & Admission

Currently open every day from 10.30am to 5.30pm until end of October.
Last admission 1 hour before closing. Please note that times may change
over time – you are advised to check before setting out.
Admission Charges:
Adults £1.50; Children (4-16 years) £1.00; Under 4s go
free. Admission to the 3D Theatre is £1.00 per person, (under
4s free). For some of our events a special charge may be made. Prices
may have changed – please check before setting out.
Adult Group Visits:
Groups are advised to book in advance. Admission for adult groups
is £1.00 per person for groups of over 10 people. Entrance to
the 3D theatre £1.00 per person.
Educational Group Visits:
Please call to book an educational visit, spaces are limited: Tel:
01477 571339
or email Admission for educations
groups is £1.00 per child, 1 adult free with every 7 children,
extra adults £1.00. Entrance to the 3D theatre 50p per person,
per show.

Recent news that the Telescope might be decommissioned was met with
widespread protest, and as a likely result, for the time being at
least, it seems that it has been reprieved and is still fully operational
– but watch this space!! Recent reports suggest that the government
is prepared to intervene so as to guarantee the future of the telescope
and science park as a working astronomical entity.

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