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The Buzzcocks

BuzzcocksHoward Devoto and the Buzzcocks

The group formed in Manchester
in January 1979 with Pete Shelley (vocals/guitar), Howard Devoto
(vocals), Steve Diggle (bass) and John Maher (drums). They supported
the Sex Pistols on their infamous “Anarchy” Tour, shortly after
which Devoto left to join the group Magazine, to be replaced
in the group by Gareth Smith and later by Steve Garvey. During
the first years of the 1980s they recorded what are regarded
as their finest post-punk singles, to be followed by several
albums before Shelley left for a solo career. The reformed Buzzcocks
never quite managed to reproduce their early energy and originality.
A great influence on later 80s Indie music in the UK. Major
songs and Albums include :

  • Another Music in a Different Kitchen
  • A Different Kind of Tension
  • Love Bites
  • Lest We Forget
  • The Peel Sessions Album
  • Entertaining Friends
  • Going Steady


Formed in the mid-1980s in Manchester by
brothers Andy and Ivor Perry, Easterhouse was actively promoted
by Morrissey of the Smiths. The band included Andy Perry (vocals),
Ivor Perry (guitar), and featured Peter Vanden (bass), Gary
Rostock (drums) and Mike Murray (rhythm guitar). After a row,
Ivor left the group, and Andy continued, despite losing all
other members over a period of time. He enlisted others: David
Verner, Neil Taylor, Lance Sabin and Steve Lovell, but their
music really failed to make commercial success or to achieve
serious chart listings. Perry’s insistent and strident political
lyric content was much criticised, and lead to their early demise.
Music included :

  • Contenders
  • Waiting For the Red Bird
  • Stay With Me (Death on the Dole)


808 State, Daz, Darren Partington
“Daz” Partington

808 State

A Manchester dance band which comprised Martin
Price, Graham Massey, Darren Partington and Andy Baker. The
four had met while working at, or visiting, a local caf�, and
with Gerald Simpson, they produced their first single “Pacific
State” in 1989, a big hit with the Manchester underground followers,
and topping charts in both street sales and soul music charts.
Part of the Manchester independent dance boom, they became the
city’s prime exponents of techno dance music, and soon earned
a recording contract with ZTT Records. They continue to produce
music for this genre. Music includes:

  • Newbuild (Album)
  • Blueprint
  • Quadrastate
  • 808 (90)
  • North at its Heights
  • Ex:El



Bernard Sumner
Bernard Sumner

A powerful British duo which included Johnny
Marr (born John Maher), and Bernard Sumner, who formerly belonged
to other Manchester bands – The Smiths and New Order respectively.
They had already worked together over many years before they
formed Electronic in 1989, and their melodic pop guitars were
intended to achieve greater commercial success than they had
previously. They invited Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys to
add vocals to their debut single ” Getting Away With It” in
1989, and this helped place it at No 12 in the UK music charts.
Their subsequent work went down well with the Manchester dance
scene, as well as being well received by music critics. Still
active. Music includes:

  • Electronic (Album)
  • Get the Message
  • Feel the Beat


Formed in Manchester in
October 1987, High was started by ex-Stone Roses (as yet unknown)
musician, Andy Couzens (born in Macclesfield). Couzens was joined
by John Matthews (vocals), fellow Mancunian Simon Davies (bass),
and Chris Goodwin from Oldham (drums). Their unapologetically
classic guitar songs earned an early contract signing with London
Records, and they had released 3 singles by 1990. By 1991 they
had achieved success with “Box Set Go” which reached 28th place
in the UK music charts, and they still produce music up to the
present. Their music includes :

  • Somewhere Soon (Album)
  • Box Set Go
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