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Manchester Pop & Rock Musicians



Originally championed
by Morrisey and “The Smiths”, James signed up with Factory Records
in 1983, and were hailed immediately as a synthesis of Folk
and New Wave music. Group included Timothy Booth, James Glennie,
James Gott and Gavin Whelan. They were typical products of Manchester
and reflected the upsurge in musical inventiveness and originality
which the city produced during the 1980s. By the late 80s, Manchester
had already become the focus for the music media press and this
facilitated their rise from local independents to nation-wide
acclaim and commercial success. Lyrics were direct and lyrical.
Major albums and songs include:

  • What’s the World?
  • Stutter
  • Strip Mine
  • One Man Clapping
  • Come Home
  • Sit Down
  • Gold mother
  • Seven


The Charlatans

The group emerged in Manchester in 1989,
and with its distinctive fusion of 1960s melodies, extensive
use of Hammond organ and loose rhythms, they immediately found
favour with devotees of The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. Group
members included Tim Burgess, Martin Blunt, Jon Baker, Jon Brookes
and Rob Collins. Their live performances were highlighted by
superb psychedelic light effects, (produced by a Californian
lighting expert known as “Captain Whizzo”). With Top Ten UK
Hits such as “Some Friendly” and “The Only One I Know” they
ascended swiftly into national and international limelight with
critical acclaim and commercial success. Their major songs and
albums include:

  • Indian Rope
  • The Only One I Know
  • Then
  • Some Friendly
  • Over Rising
  • Between 10th and 11th.

Man From Delmonte

The Man from Delmonte

“The Delmontes” were an overtly effeminate,
teetotal and camp group of Manchester-based musicians, though
few of them originated in the city. Seen as a revolt against
the popular “scally” music, they include Glaswegian Sheila Seal,
Martin Vincent, Howard Goody and Mike West. Their origins were
largely unmusical, Seal having run a local art gallery, Goody
having attended Winchester School of Art, Vincent having been
a painter and art critic, and West, the son of a millionaire
author from Australia. Seal was classically music trained at
the Royal Northern College of Music. Their music reflected their
middle- class origins, consciously and intentionally offering
an alternative to the rougher, direct and more brutal music
of their contemporaries. Their camp image caused controversy,
with themes including transvestism and bisexual love. They were
banned in Australia, and had to withstand a lawsuit from Delmonte
Fruits for damaging their product image. Music & Songs include:

  • Bachelor Flat Affairs
  • One Day My Prince Will Come
  • Drive Drive Drive * Water in my Eyes
  • Will Nobody Save Louise?
  • Expecting Ian Brown


A Manchester-based new wave band formed in
1975 by a group of college friends, which included Mike Finney
(vocals), Steve Perrin-Brown (guitar), as well as Lawrence Tickle
(bass) and Tony Trap (drums). After some restructuring in 1977,
the band included Pip Nicholls (bass) Adrian Wright (guitar)
and Alec Sidebottom (drums). After many punk-60s performances
in which they had supported most of Manchester’s contemporary
bands, they secured a contract with Tony Wilson of Factory Records
in 1979, and released the double A side single “Time Goes By
So Slow”/ “Pillow Fight”, which failed to make commercial success.
A move to Island Records and several releases still failed to
achieve success, and the group split up in 1981. Other music

  • Waiting For Lorraine
  • It Doesn’t Bother Me
  • Do The
  • Nobody’s Perfect (Album)
  • Boys Cry
  • Something for the Weekend


One of the most independent
punk bands ever to come out of Manchester, the Drones only released
3 singles and 1 album, and included M J Drone (lead vocals &
rhythm guitar), Gus “Gangrene” Callender (lead guitar and vocals),
Pete Perfect (drums), and Steve “Whisper” Cundall (bass). Being
unwilling to “soften” their music for the more politically correct
recording companies, meant they had difficulty in securing recording
contracts. With little or no real commercial success, the band
had a struggling career and finally broke up in 1981. Music

  • Temptations of a White Collar Worker
  • Further Temptations (Album)
  • Streets
  • Short Circuit – Live at the Electric
  • Bone Idol
  • Can’t See (these last 2 singles feature
    Ellis of the Vibrators on guitar).

Dub Sex

Dub Sex grew out of the
60s and 70s atmosphere and ethos of slum-bound Manchester –
it was dark, huge, bleak and frightening – (and so was Manchester).
The group included Mark Hoyle, born in Hulme, Manchester, (lyricist
and vocalist), Lee Pickering, and Cathy Brookes (bass) from
Maidstone in Kent. Their debut album “Tripwire” demonstrated
the noise, coarseness and tensions of the time and the place,
as did all of their music, and epitomised the sound of streetwise
and street-weary Manchester Indie music. Music included:

  • Swerve
  • Live at the Klub Foot
  • Push!
  • Then and Now
  • The Underneath
  • Barber Barber

Durutti Column

Vini Reilly, Durutti Column
Vini Reilly

One of Manchester’s punk
bands which emerged in the mid-1970s. The group featured Vincent
(“Vini”) Reilly – born in Manchester in 1953, Dave Rowbotham
(guitarist), and Chris Joyce (drums), who were urged by Tony
Wilson of Factory Records to form the group in January 1978.
They made few recordings, notably their work appeared on the
famous ” A Factory Sampler EP” produced by Martin Hannett at
Factory. Though the group soon split up, Reilly continued alone
under the band’s name, and soon established a local cult following,
and occasionally accompanied several other Manchester bands,
including his friend Morrissey. With innumerable visiting artists,
the band survived well into the early 1990s. Music includes:

  • The Return of Durutti Column
  • Another Setting
  • Vini Reilly
  • Obey The Time
  • Dry
  • The Sporadic Recordings
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