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"Conformity" by Cathy Read

Cathy Read, painting: "Defining Moment"
“Defining Moment”

"Inspiration". Painting by Middleton-born local artist

Local artist cathy Read: "Spirit of  Times"
“Spirit of Times”

“Man v Nature or Nature v Man”

Painting: "Origins of Life" by Cathy Read
“Origins of Life”

Cathy Read

Cathy Read - Manchester Artist
The Artist

Cathy Read is an artist who was born and
grew up in Middleton. The need to paint and draw has been with
her since she could remember. She was educated in Chorlton and
Rusholme commuting across Manchester to do so. Leaving home
at 18 to study in Oxford.

Cathy moved to north Buckinghamshire where
she and her husband bought a chapel and converted it into a
home. She still lives there with her husband and three children.
After working as a Occupational Therapist for 17 years she decided
on a career change in 2008 and divides her time between her
family and career as an Artist.

Cathy has not forgotten her roots – with
family, friends and other ties in the region she returns regularly.

The decaying mills of the Cotton industry
dominated where she grew up and have coloured her view of beauty.
As has a fascination with canals and industry. Cathy says:

“These have
influenced my more recent artwork. Working as a health professional
for so long meant I saw the darker side of life and am keen
to use art to highlight issues where I can. I have also used
Art as therapy and am keenly aware how Art can ennoble, empower
and generally lift spirits. An interest in caricaturing and
cartoons developed out of this. Although my primary interest
is Fine art”.

Able to produce work in many styles Cathy
is currently concentrating on mixed media abstracts. People
in all their complexity intrigue her. She enjoys creating art
that emphasises texture coupled with geometric forms. She uses
these to illustrate aspects of personality or particular emotive
issues. Although the images can sometimes be just a celebration
of life and a consideration of its transient nature. Her work
is energetic and free with an emphasis on movement and expression.

Cathy’s abstract style grew from experimentation
with texture and a fascination with how paint can be controlled
by blowing air across the liquid ink. The masked linear patterns
provide structure and allow a deeper exploration of the abstract

Cathy has had work on display at several
exhibitions in and around North Buckinghamshire. Her current
aim is a one woman exhibition in a major gallery in a UK city
– first choices Manchester or London.
She is a member of Buckingham Art for All (BAFA), the Society
for All Artists (SAA) and The Wheel in Banbury. She has been
involved in a number of community projects in Buckingham. She
was involved in the development of the Bafa Gallery Art Trail
in Buckingham.

Cathy’s work can be seen in Ginny Gray Gallery
in Buckingham and at the Chiltern Open Air Museum near Amersham,

Her website is at

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Her email:

If you are, or know of
any local artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors,
etc) located or based in and around Manchester please let us know,
and if appropriate, we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly
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