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The City of Manchester has long been a major business
hub for the northwest region of England and has been based traditionally
on such sectors as cotton ,
coal and banking . The city remains
the commercial and cultural centre of the region, and hosts much of
its retail and office space and many of its heritage
The majority of the tallest buildings
and high rise structures in Manchester are commercial or business premises,
and most major national and international corporations have branches
or headquarters here.
The Co-operative movement has made its home and headquarters in the
city and has delivered extensive new office
and retail facilities. From the mid-19th century major banking
institutions were established or moved into the city, including Heywoods
Bank, Rothchild’s, Coutts and the Bank of England, as well as investment
bankers and venture capital providers, contributing to the city’s status
as a major international commercial and business centre.
* In a poll of British business leaders published in 2006, Manchester
was regarded as the best place in the UK to locate a business. In 2010
it was ranked the second-best city in the UK to locate a business, and
the twelfth-best city in Europe. A report commissioned by Manchester
Partnership, published in 2007, showed Manchester to be the “fastest-growing
city” economically and the third most visited city in the United
Kingdom by foreign visitors.
Major commercial, business and industrial companies located in the Manchester
conurbation include the BBC (formerly in its northern headquarters at
Oxford Road), now in a major new development and relocation to Media
City in Salford Quays. Others include Direct Line Insurance, Guardian
Media Group, the Highways Agency, ITV Granada Studios, Kellogg’s Company,
BAE Systems, Siemens, the RAC and Royal Bank of Scotland, among many
others. All in all, Manchester has demonstrated that it is an excellent
place to set up or to relocate business.

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Banking in Manchester

There are more than 60 banking
institutions in the City of Manchester, (including some 40 from overseas),
bearing witness to the boast that Manchester transacts more international
finance than any other region in the country. For example, the Bank
of England maintains its largest regional office in Manchester and the
Co-operative Bank and Davenham’s merchant bank have headquarters in
the city.

There are over 15,000 people employed in some form of banking in the
city of Manchester. Of these, the Co-operative Bank is commonly regarded
as the most “modern” of banks in the United Kingdom and it commands
respect throughout the world. It virtually dominates local authority
financing in Britain, particularly in handling accounts for secondary
and higher education.
The Co-op is regarded as a most ethical bank, and has set a standard
which the other banks are beginning to emulate.
All the major clearing banks are represented in Manchester, of which
Barclays, HSBC, NatWest and the Royal Bank of Scotland are most well
known. ABN-AMRO and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank are Manchester’s
two biggest overseas banks, covering the whole of Northern England and
Scotland from their Manchester offices, the former focusing on larger
companies, the latter on traders and import-exporters.
One of the two Japanese banks in the city, Fuji Bank, specialises in
financial services, and there are half a dozen merchant banks in the
city with clients nationwide.
Rothschild’s, before moving to London, began life in Manchester. The
banks arrange a wide range of services from privatisation and floatation
to commercial banking and international treasury consultancy.
Quite apart from the bigger national banks, private banks are continually
increasing in number in Manchester. In 1993 Coutts, the Royal bankers,
set up in the city and the Midland Private Bank recently announced plans
to begin operations in the North West.

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