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"Good to be Alive", abstract painting by Stefan Fiedorowicz
“Good to be Alive”

"Manzanita" by local Manchester-based artist, Stefan Fiedorowicz

Stefan Fiedorowicz, Manchester-based artist: "Someday Never Comes"
“Someday Never Comes”

"Sunrise in Napoli", painting by Stefan Fiedorowicz, Manchester-based artist
“Sunrise in Napoli”

“The Arches of Aporto”

“The Red Bridge”

Stefan Fiedorowicz, Canadian artists living in Manchester
“When Rivers Embrace”

Stefan Fiedorowicz

Stefan Fiedorowicz, Local Manchster Artist
The Artist

Stefan Fiedorowicz is a self-taught artist
from Kamloops in British Columbia, who began painting seriously
in 2000 and has been painting full time since leaving the public
service in 2002, where he practiced social work for twenty-two

He is also a member of the Federation of
Canadian Artists and has Active Status. Born and raised in Ontario,
Montreal and Victoria, British Columbia, he comes from a family
of European descent and has recently moved to live and work
in Manchester. He works in oils and acrylic but prefers to use
oil with scrapers especially for his abstractions. Of his work,
Stefan says:

“I make paintings that are vibrant
in colour, vigorous in structure and abstract in nature. Life
is good and bad, my work is about celebrating the good. There
are two streams that I follow in art, one is abstract. It
is rare that I make a purely conscious decision about what
I am going to paint. I believe that the creative process involves
imagination and getting in touch with the subconscious. My
one clear aim is to use colours and shapes and to apply the
paint in a passionate way which comes out of me as positive
creative energy.”

During his university years, Stefan studied
the history of art and soon discovered a passion for creating
art and began painting colourful oil on canvas. His current
themes include abstract women, European villas and cities, which
enable him to use lines and powerful colours, sometimes being
very abstract.

His paintings have an overall gestural and
abstract quality. Objects are chosen by him because of what
they mean to him or what they look like, their shape. He simplifies
them and sometimes combines them into pleasing arrangements.
Stefan believes that there is nothing hugely complex in his
abstract art, which is typified by vibrant colours, powerful
expression, and dynamic composition, combined to create works
“…to intrigue and disarm the viewer”.

His work is intuitive; colour is the language
that he uses to express what he is feeling, and hopefully the
work elicits emotional responses and vividly expresses his passion
for art and life.

His work has been exhibited in Vancouver,
Sydney and in Sorrento.

An extensive gallery of Stefan’s work, most
of which is for sale, can be seen on his website at:

Stefan can be contacted via email at:

If you are, or know of any
local artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located
or based in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.

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