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Stacey Manton: "Balcony" Madrid.
“Balcony”, Madrid

Stacey Manton: ""Barefoot in the Street""
“Barefoot in the Street”

Manchester artists Stacey Manton: "Geezers", West Didsbury, Manchester
“Geezers”, West Didsbury

Stacey Manton: "Head of Man"
“Head of Man”

Stacey Manton, Local Manchester Artist
“Man Collapsed”

Stacey Manton: "Men at Dusk", Madrid
“Men at Dusk”, Madrid

Stacey Manton, Manchester & Stockport Artists
“Sleeping Man”

Stacey Manton: "Four Blokes", Madrid
“Four Blokes”, Madrid


Stacey Manton

Stacey Manton, Manchester, Stockport Artist
The Artist

Stacey Manton is a Stockport-based
professional artist and painter following an age-old tradition
of figurative painting. His work is based on life in and around
Greater Manchester, though he has a considerable portfolio of
work done in Spain. Stacey’s background is in design and advertising
and he spent over ten years in the industry as a commercial

He first began painting in oils at the age
of seven and was preoccupied throughout his early years with
being able to paint like the old masters like Velazquez, Goya,
Rubens, Rembrant, Vermeer, Chardin, Hogarth, Manet and Constable.
Stacey says:

“For as far back as I can remember
I’ve held a fascination for drawing and painting people. Wherever
I go I’m looking for the same things, the characters in the
street, in the doorways, at the bus stops, or on the benches.
These are the people I wanted in my pictures …my vision
is to record aspects of life as I see them without contrived
sentiment and without taking a moral stance. These paintings
are about the observation of the reality of human existence
in our society”.

The focus of his work is the people we see
everyday, in the park, in a bar, in a window or on a wall.

For Stacey these are the people who make
a place special and these are the people which he goes to extraordinary
lengths to capture in his pictures.

He uses various means of procuring the photographs
he works from, using hidden cameras, ‘drive-by’ photography
and even offering booze or fags in return for a snapshot. The
subjects being the overlooked, the old, the frail, the drunk,
the destitute, the disenfranchised, or the plain comical.

A full gallery of his work can be found on
his own website at:

Stacey can be contacted by email at:

If you are, or know of any
local artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located
or based in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.


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