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"Passage"  by JourneyBoy - Simon Cooper


"Dock Reflection" by Simon Cooper
“Dock Reflection”

Manchester artist, Simon Cooper - painting "My Legacy"
“My Legacy”


"Starlight" by JourneyBoy - Simon Cooper

PS Something Holy
“PS Something Holy”

"Private Closure" by Simon Cooper, Manchester Artist
“Private Closure”


Simon Cooper (aka. JourneyBoy)

Simon Cooper - "JourneyBoy", Local Artist
The Artist

One look at his website, and you could be
forgiven for wondering who Simon Cooper is, as there’s no reference
whatever to his name. He styles himself “JourneyBoy” ,
(all of his artwork is signed thus), and he is equally enigmatic
about his background or on letting us see his face. However,
Simon was born in Manchester, currently lives in Cheadle in
the south of the city, and is presently working on paintings
that include some local landscape features.

His works reflect his deep interest in ancient
standing stones and places, and the new works featured on his
website gallery are based on the stone circles of Callanish.
His colours are soft, effusive and fugitive, and seem to the
observer to reflect a deep sense of the mysticism and spirituality
of places. Simon says of his work:

“The more
I paint these stones, the more I want to paint them – though
its not easy to convey textured oil paint as solid rock, grooved
and weathered, curved and angular – yet I wish to combine what
has already inspired myself in previous works with what intrigues
and fascinates me today. To mix emotional intensity, colour
and symbols of ancient mystery that are secrets within us all
– to make sense of past and present – for the future.”

It’s only recently that paintings containing
stones as a central part of the landscape/mindscape theme have
appeared in his work. He maintains that years of research –
reading books, (not always about stones, but relative; interlinked
and connected), visiting sites and observing the ceremonial
landscape – have ultimately percolated through and gradually
emerged in his work. An extensive gallery of these intriguing
paintings can be found on his website, where many of the works
presented are offered on sale.

JourneyBoy may be contacted in the following

Telephone: 0845 125 9427.
Fax: 0161-491 4031.
Post: PO Box 139,
Cheadle SK8 4XL.

Despite being alive and active at the original
time of writing, the following contact details seem to be currently
offline or unavailable:



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