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Simon Taylor Photographer: "Series of Crime"
“Series of Crime”

"Showing Emotion"  by Simon Taylor
“Showing Emotion”

"Memory Still 11"
“Memory Still 11”

"Memory Still 2"
“Memory Still 2”

"Memory Still 3"
“Memory Still 3”

"Memory Still 7"
“Memory Still 7”

Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor, local Manchester Artist
The Artist

After graduating in 1994 with BA (Hons) in
Fine Art Simon Taylor has exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions
throughout the UK and has sold images for publication worldwide.

Using various mediums including photography
and painting, the work is part of a continuing project started
in 1993 based around ideas of perception, questioning the validity
and source of received visual information.

His current work, ‘Memory Stills’ ,
looks at film images in the western world. The images are traditionally
painted onto canvas, which at first appear to be abstract, painted
without detail.

The title ‘Memory Still’ is used as these
images are indeed derived from film stills but are reproduced
in a subconscious/abstract way like a memory. Simon says:

“Taking a fleeting film still
out of its visual and traditional context gives the viewer
upon recognition the realisation that we all hold and share
vast amounts of visual data. Offering
a subconscious connection by triggering a memory, the viewer
can then place the image in the correct context of their previous
visual experience, in turn giving the image a narrative and
a function.”

Simon has had exhibitions in Manchester,
Kendal, Stockport, Salford, Liverpool and London.

For more information about Simon and his
work please visit his website at:

and at:

Simon Tayor can also be contacted by email

Simon has been involved in photography ever since his graduation
in 1994 and is also a freelance photographer based in the North
West of England. He is available for a variety of photographic
services, including commercial, weddings, panoramic, web design
and imagery.
In addition to these standard photographic services he is able
to create full frame 360 degree images to be used in a variety
of applications. The finished images can be included onto web
sites or can be emailed. As Simon says:

have worked for many clients around the country and I am currently
the photographer for Comme Ca Art, Manchester’s leading contemporary
art galleries. My images have been used for a variety of publications
worldwide and are distributed through Getty Images.


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