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Rached El-Assaad, artist: "Hooked"

"Mother Nature" by Rached El-Assaad
“Mother Nature”

Rached El-Assaad - Manchester artist
“The Bell”

Rached El-Assaad Manchester

Manchester artists
“Traffic Light”

"Yellow Field" painting by Rached El-Assaad
“Yellow Field”

Rached El-Assaad

Rached El-Assaad, Manchester-based artist
The Artist

Rached El-Assaad was born in Ivory Coast
in 1945, and moved to Lebanon as a child. He subsequently
studied art at the American University of Beirut. Rached relocated
to England, where his career in the Health Service saw his
involvement in hospital art. During this period he exhibited
his own work on a regular basis, and was also commissioned
to produce various artworks for the Trust headquarters and
prestigious private clients.

Rached paints predominately in acrylic
and oil on canvas, producing both large scale and intimate
pieces. His work is varied and multi-dimensional, his use
of colour vibrant and powerful. He draws his inspiration from
his memory of objects, places and events, in order that the
originality of his work is not influenced by physical limitations.

Although his work underwent a progression
from impressionism to abstract, his love for the former ensures
that from time to time he revisits the impressionist style
in some of his paintings. True to form his paintings continue
to be the product of felt emotions and prevailing moods, rather
than a conscious attempt at representational art or the execution
of preconceived ideas.

His recent works were produced in both
his studios in the Manchester area and in Mirabel Aux Baronies
(a medieval picturesque village in Provence) resulting in
a detectable influence on the finished work.

Rached has successfully exhibited in various
galleries and venues in the north west of England, in his
home country of Lebanon and in the south of France where he
spends part of the year.

Rached can be contacted via:

The Blyth Gallery Manchester
Tel: 0161-236 1004.
Fax: 0161-228 0633.

…or by email at:

An extensive gallery of his artwork can
be seen on his website at:

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