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Arndale Stairway painting by Philip Westcott
Arndale Stairway

Lymm Dam
Lymm Dam

The Strid, Bolton Abbey
The Strid, Bolton Abbey

Stream, Windermere
Stream, Windermere

View of the River Irwell in Manchester
View or the River Irwell

Philip Westcott

Philip Westcott - the artist
The Artist<

Philip Raymond Westcott was born in 1951 and
is a resident of Eccles in the City of Salford. He studied at
Salford Grammar School and later at the City of Leeds College.

His work over the last 20 years has predominantly
consisted of landscapes and cityscapes painted in oils around
the northwest region of England. Philip maintains that Manchester
itself has been one of his main sources of inspiration, and it
is a tribute to his talents that he was the only artists invited
into the Arndale Centre to record the devastation caused by the
IRA bombing in 1996. He regards his work as a tribute to the northwest

In his landscape paintings, he tends towards
hidden views of secret places rather than the more usual and traditional
panoramic views. These paintings, according to Philip, “…show
the peace and tranquillity which are to be found in isolated places
of beauty”

Though abstraction has predominated the art
world in recent times, Philip sees the landscape as having a long
tradition in English painting – a tradition which is in danger
of being lost in the modern media-orientated society. He believes
that artists should continue to capture the landscape while it
survives, before spreading towns and motorways destroy it forever.

Philip’s career is marked by many exhibitions,
awards and honours, including being a Prize-winner in the Salford
Urban Art Exhibition, First Prize winner in the Bury New Year
Festival Art Competition and many others.

Apart from in his native Salford, his works
have been exhibited in British Watercolour Society shows, the
British Society of Painters, at the Lime Gallery and the Talent
Search gallery in California, and in August 2002 he was invited
to exhibit in the “Our Manchester” exhibition
during the Commonwealth Games.

He has also held a host of solo exhibitions
around the northwest and has been featured in numerous publications
including “Art & Artists”,
“House & Garden”
and “City

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