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Louise Spragg

Local Artist - Louise Spragg
The Artist

Louise Spragg was born in Wigan in 1979 and
currently resides in Stockport with her husband. She took an
interest in art from an early age and has a particular affinity
with human subjects (figures and portraiture), working mainly
in acrylics and pencil.

“Until I was introduced to Photo
Realism and the New Objectivity movement in my mid-teens,
I never had any particular artists whom I aspired to.

Prior to this introduction, I had
barely been influenced by any artist or movement I had studied
– I just wasn’t interested. Seeing examples of work by artists
such as Gottfried Helnwein and Christian Schad was a wake-up
call that pushed me in the direction I felt I was destined
to take.”

After leaving school, Louise went to Wigan
& Leigh sixth form college to study art and computing.

Deciding against moving on to university,
she undertook a couple of full-time jobs before finding her
niche working as a graphic designer, painting in her spare time.

“The main struggle with having
only snatched pockets of time in which to paint, is having
an idea and not being able to realise it as quickly as I would

Being unable to have lengthy painting
sessions whenever I feel like it is frustrating. However,
I have the support and belief of my family and that helps
me stay focused and know that one day I may have that choice.”

Louise’s main ambition is to build a studio
in her home and eventually work full time as an artist.

Louise exhibited two of her paintings at
the “In The Red” exhibition in Bolton in 1999.

Louise Spragg can be contacted by email at

More of her work can be viewed at



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