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Lisa Ann Scott

Lisa Ann Scott - Local Artist
The Artist

Lisa Ann Scott was born in Wythenshawe, Manchester
on the 7th December 1975. She has lived all over Manchester,
north and south, and currently lives in Whitefield.

She had no formal training in art or photography,
apart from a GCSE in art and design, where she admits to having
been the ‘five minute wonder’ girl in her art class at school.

Her problem (although now she sees it as
an advantage) was that she got other ideas whilst working on
one thing and rushed to finish it……… She says:

” …My work starts out as a
photograph. I manipulate my images to create what I want to
achieve mood-wise. I mainly work with self portraits, simply
because I am available all the time, although I do point the
camera the other way occasionally and try to capture something
different – city streets, my children, friends…….I also
create images using other people’s pictures exchanged by email.
I sometimes collaborate with other photographers, which is
fun to do and gives me a break from my own view on life.

I like using my photographs to create
stories; this is something I’d like to do more of in the future
as my skills develop”.

Lisa only picked up her first camera in 2003,
and is completely self-taught – therefore still very much in
the experimental stage of her work.

She believes that her lack of technical knowledge
is in some ways an advantage in that she’s not afraid to break
the rules (because she doesn’t know any) and prefers to be able
to work to her own standards, developing her own ideas for the
time being, and while she’s still quite new to it all. Lisa
goes on to say:

“…I’m having lots of fun,
which is what I think is the most important thing. I don’t
have any special techniques but I often find myself using
blurs and movement in some of my pictures and change the lighting
to create surreal images”.

She admits to only using a digital camera,
and has only been in a dark room once (it was too dark!!). Digital
images and the software she uses allow her to be creative at
the speed that her ideas develop.

Lisa’s inspirations vary, depending what
kind of mood she’s in when taking pictures. Her favourite artist
is L S Lowry, probably because, as she says, she spent her early
childhood living in the same area of Salford as he did, and
she loves the way he captured the working class in his images
and dark portraits.

Eventually she’d like to be able to make
images for the public using their own photographs, and interpreting
them in her own way to take that step further than just digital

At the moment her work can be seen on a host
site, but she intends to create her own dedicated website soon.

Meantime, you can see a full portfolio of
Lisa’s work at the “PhotoSeen” website at:

Or email her at:


If you are, or know
of any local artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors,
etc) located or based in and around Manchester please let us know,
and if appropriate, we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly
by email.

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