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April Showers closeup
“April Showers Closeup”

Kirsty Grayem - April Showers Sided Good
“April Showers Sided Good”

Brown Cream Front Copy
“Brown Cream Front Copy”

Gladiator Front - Kirsty Grayem
“Gladiator Front”

LoOkInG aHeaD front
“LoOkInG aHeaD front”

Kirsty Grayem, local manchester Artist: "Stoning Cyan Upright"
“Stoning Cyan Upright”

Kirsty Grayem

Kirsty Grayem local artist
The Artist

Kirsty started painting in 2004 when it happened
to be a very rainy day. She was sick of the monotony of things
so she picked up a piece of hardboard from the garage, rummaged
through her dad’s old collection of oils and painted her first
masterpiece entitled ‘ Lost Reflection’.
Kirsty never did art at school; never went to an Art College
or University to study it. The question is, does her untaught
hand make her work inferior to the traditional artist? Of course
it doesn’t. If anything, it makes her art a more or less perfect
representation of herself as a person; no amount of teaching
can create that.
Kirsty’s favourite medium is acrylic paints, which give her
the freedom to express her more flamboyant personality, as well
as the boldness and the dexterity to cement all the elements
of her art together. Kirsty says:

“I wouldn’t say my art was elegant,
and I wouldn’t say it was subtle either … it makes a statement
saying ‘I am here, watch me.’ It literally is my personality
on a canvas and you can judge the mood I was in by how the
painting turned out.”

Her work is very flowing in its composition
and with this you can never quite judge how the art will be
in its finished state – the themes and shapes are often taken
from one painting and applied to another to create something
completely different. Her art is generally dictated by what
her hands create on that day and what she can take from that
to apply for tomorrow.
Kirsty’s motto in life has always been ‘focus on the more abstract
things in life’ and she believes that is the key to a fulfilled
life. She has applied this to everything she does and her dedication
to achieving a successful career as a professional artist has
meant that she has needed this ‘focus’ to tear herself away
when things have got a bit tough. Her inspirations lies in her
own self-belief; she believes that if you don’t have belief
in your own capabilities, how is anybody else going to trust
your ability?

She says: “The
abstract world can be a seen as a distracted reflection of realism.
In a world of chaos art is the creation of calm

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If you are, or know of any local
artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located
or based in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
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