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Karen Jones fractal: "Butterfly Tree"
“Butterfly Tree”

Fractal Art: "Haunted" by Karen Jones, Manchester Artist

"Listening"  by Karen Jones

Karen Jones: "Moment of Sadness"
“Moment of Sadness”

"Refuse to Bow Down - Primal Scream"
“Refuse to Bow Down
– Primal Scream”

"Seduction"  by Karen Jones - Fractals

Karen Jones Fractal Art: "The Hug"
“The Hug”

Karen Jones

Karen Jones, Manchester artist
The Artist

Karen Jones lives in the attic of a Victorian house in
the North of England. Initially her main creative outlet was writing,
but “…after studying Chaos and fractals” (as she puts
it) she found a new medium to enable her to express with more
strength her philosophy and ideas on life.

Although she studied media studies recently,
she is essentially self taught. After working with fractal images
for six years, Karen held major exhibitions recently at the Printworks
and Tiger Tiger in Manchester.

All of her work is created using a fractal-generating
programme on the computer.

Each of her images is, in essence, a mathematical
formula, but this can be simplified as shown with Chaos and the
so-called ‘butterfly’s wings’ theory. Karen says:

“As each artist does with their
own particular medium, I have found an affinity with working
in fractals that suits my style and a driven need to express
myself. Many people who work with fractals say how they feel
a ‘flow’, which almost correlates to a connection with ‘universal
consciousness’ .

I feel that my own work exhibits a
strength in the use of the medium and the ability to express
emotions that emulate the human condition. All the images I
create are imbued with a strong sense of mystery and enigmatic

Karen also often writes poetry and prose to
accompany her work and performs these publicly when requested
at arts and poetry festivals. Her work differs from most others
in the fractal field in that she has been able to interpret emotion
and abstract expression to a degree that few have yet attained.

She describes her themes as ranging from oppression
and the strength of human spirit under dire circumstances – (‘ Refuse
to Bow Down – Primal Scream’ ); to tender explorations of nature
( ‘Listening’ ); as well as the sensual, ( ‘Seduction’ );
the emotional, ( ‘The Hug’) and (‘Butterfly Tree’); and
existential aspects of humanity, (‘ Haunted’ ) and ( ‘Moments
of Sadness’ ).

Creating each of these images takes a concentrated
effort over anything from 5 to 24 hours and sometimes longer.
She only considers the process completed when a print is made
either onto canvas or paper.

Karen’s artwork is produced in a strictly limited
form and she sells internationally.

She has recently been accepted to exhibit her
work in New York and Spain as well as at various British venues.

Most of her work is available to see online
on her own website at:

Karen can be contacted via email at:


If you are, or know
of any local artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors,
etc) located or based in and around Manchester please let us know,
and if appropriate, we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly
by email.

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