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BadlyDrawn Boy, photo by Karen McBride
BadlyDrawn Boy

Karen McBride, photographer - "Beverley Knight"
Beverley Knight

Cerys Matthews

Coldplay photographed at the Reebok by Karen McBride
Coldplay at the Reebok


McGill photographed in Manchester by Karen McBride

Karen McBride, photographer - "REM"

Karen McBride – Photographer

Karen McBride
The Artist

Manchester based photographer Karen McBride’s
work has been said to be renowned for it’s creative elegance
and style.

With 20 years experience capturing the heart
and soul of people and places, whether it is the thriving local
scene of her native Manchester or touring with high profile
artists, her work is always distinctive and exciting.

Karen has an ever-growing list of clients
including BMG Records, Warner Music, Guitar Magazine,
BBC Manchester, City Life, MAG , Key 103, Music Zone,
‘ In The City ‘, Rawfish Records, Manchester Models Agency,
Wideshut and American Artist .

She is responsible for the black and white
images compiled in Status Quo’ s most recent tour
programme, and has worked with the one of New York’s most
exciting groups the Scissor Sisters .

Karen creates editorial pictures for one
of Manchester’s top model agency MMA and now has an ever-growing
list of models that want her innovative style in their portfolio.

One of the reasons behind Karen’s success
and popularity is her easy-going attitude that instantly creates
a rapport with the artists and models she works with.

This has also meant that she is extremely
well thought of in the press and by record companies alike.

A full gallery of Karen’s work can be found
on her website at:

She can be contacted in the following ways:

By email:
By Mobile Phone:
0777 801 5137

The foregoing text is based on Chris Nield’s write-up ©
2004 on Karen’s website – used here with permisssion.

If you are, or know of any local
artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located
or based in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.


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