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“Close of the Day: Macclesfield Forest”

“Forest Spaces: Delamere”

"Grains in the Water: Bleaklow, Peak District" by John Eastwood, Stockport Photographer
“Grains in the Water: Bleaklow, Peak District”

“Myths & Trees: Alderley Edge”

John Eastwood, Stockport Photographer: "Summertime - Over Peover"
“Summertime: Over Peover”

“Treescape, Castleton, Derbyshire”

John Eastwood – Photographer

John Eastwood, Photographer
The Artist

John Eastwood is a Photographic Artist from
Stockport who specialises in landscapes of Cheshire, Derbyshire
and the Staffordshire Moorlands, seeking always the more imaginative
perspective. Avoiding the safe, established postcard clichés
so often seen John combines imagination with an indefinable
sense of place, crafting each image by featuring the texture
of the landscape accentuated by season and natural light, always
using a fresh and individual eye.
John is the official photographer of All Saints’ Church,
Daresbury, Cheshire and exhibits across the region at commercial
exhibitions and County/Country Shows. He was commissioned by
Halton Borough Council to design the 2005 Civic Christmas Card.
Of his work, John says:

of the landscape have fascinated me from a young age. Not
the stereotypical sweeping vistas of the rolling hills and
plains, but the more subtle details that lay hidden within,
waiting to be ‘discovered’ or ‘found’.
Sometimes this can be done using the passage of time and the
effect of weathering on the fabric of the landscape, at other
times it can be achieved using seasonal variations or a change
in light due to weather conditions.”

A complete gallery of John’s work can be
seen on his website at:

John Eastwood can be contacted in the following

Telephone: 078 55913 983

If you are, or know of any local
artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located
or based in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.


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