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Jennifer Lockwood - artist

Manchester-based Jennifer Lockwood - artist

Jennifer Lockwood - Manchester-based local artists


Jennifer Lockwood

Jennifer Lockwood - Manchester-based artist
The Artist

Jennifer Lockwood was born in Wetherby, West
Yorkshire in 1981and currently resides in Manchester city centre.
Jennifer took a keen interest in art at and early age. At the
age of 16 she gained an unconditional place at Leeds College
of Art and Design, where she studied 3-Dimensional Design. Here
she gained knowledge of all aspects of design. She then attended
the University of Lincoln where she carried on her interest
in Interior Design, then specialising in Museum and Exhibition

After leaving university she decided to start painting again,
in her spare time. She now uses her formal training to create
her abstract paintings with an organic twist.

Her paintings have a fluid, flowing composition,
which eases your eyes throughout the paintings. With influences
such as the human body and nature its self, jennifer has unique
way of expressing herself in her paintings. This somehow gives
you a warm feeling as the painting wraps its self around you
in a cocoon type effect. Jennifer says:

“I am keen
to explore the use of colour to create striking pieces of
artwork. I like to use various media with my art, though I
must admit I am currently using acrylic on canvas. I love
the fact that you can achieve the texture and the vibrancy
of colours with them.”

Jennifer has had various small exhibitions
in bars in and around Leeds and Manchester. Her plans are to
have a sole exhibition in the near future.

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artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located
or based in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
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