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Helen Jones
Helen Jones, Local Artists in Manchester
The Artist

Helen was born in Liverpool on the 6th August
1975. She became a keen artist at the early age of twelve and
won small prizes for her work. At eighteen she began a fine
art degree at Liverpool John Moores University. In the last
year she developed a keen interest in the internet and digital
After completing her course she then moved to Manchester to
develop a career as a Web Designer and has landed some great
opportunities to do some interesting websites such as Barbarians
F.C. (
With six years of experience in digital graphics as a full time
job. Helen has now gone back to her roots and is re-discovering
being a painter again. Her favourite style is ‘written text’
in a montage to cause ‘a pause for thought’. She likes to work
with acrylics, oil and photography.
Her current plans are to develop a small business ‘Dolce-Play
gallery’. With online purchasing facilities, selling her work
and other artists work in the UK and worldwide. Because of her
strong knowledge in web design and databases. She’s created
a website that is creatively beautiful but technically strong
with a large database search engine.

Helen says:

can be anything that nudges my interest. This might be great
artists such as the Surrealists, Damien Hirst and David Hockney
or bizarre and mundane everyday things, such as how wind blows
leaves around.
I studied the surrealists on
my fine art degree and was interested in the question of whether
I should do ‘Arts for Arts Sake’ or should I communicate my
opinion with it. As I already liked to do my art about subjects
of interest and almost used art to educate myself. I decided
that art could be more than just a pretty picture, in so many
ways. Some of the surrealists realised this question and gave
up art to become activists in the issues that where important
to them.
Art for me is it a great way of learning different subjects
and over the years I’ve found by jumbling up thoughts in my
artwork and using quotes and historical dates. It has no directional
opinion but hopefully can provoke a viewer to research on
these issues themselves, therefore to find out what opinion
they may have on the subject.
I think is really important that people should find out ‘who
they are’ and not what ‘society says you are’. As this makes
you a confident person and also makes you love yourself. This
means questioning heavy subjects such as politics, science,
economy, maths ect (even if its just a small amount). This
is what I use my art for. To help educate myself and find
out what my opinion is on the issues. Its also very interesting
to explore colours and styles.”

Helen Quotes of the day:

“Once you become immersed in
art you always have it and it’s a great way to escape and
make the day beautiful even when it’s crap.”

Helen believes in health and exercise (‘a
positive body positive mind’) and in kindness (‘We need a revolution
in kindness’)

Helen can be contacted via email at:

By Mobile Phone: 07899 905363




If you are, or know of any local artists
(painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located or based
in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.

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