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"Legacy" by Heather Whittaker


Heather Whittaker, Manchester artists: "Dreamers"

“Face it”

Heather Whittaker artist: "Earth Mother"
“Earth Mother”

"Bird Sorrow"
“Bird Sorrow”

“Year of the Dragon”

Heather Whittaker

Heather Whittaker, Local Manchester Artist
The Artist

Born in Stockport in 1957, Heather Whittaker
has always lived in the area. The daughter of a Cornish mother
and a father who was Stockport born and bred, she was drawing
from a very early age.

She attended Stockport College, aged seventeen,
where she took a Graphic Design course and gained the North
West Regional Diploma in Advertising Design.

However, life took her in a different direction
for many years and she re-discovered her passion for art again
around six years ago.

Now a member of Stockport Art Guild, Heather
has held exhibitions of her work locally, and has had numerous
paintings displayed in Stockport Art Gallery.

Heather paints very imaginative works, which
are inspired by a strong spirituality and uses rather unconventional
methods to create these.

One such method, is to throw colours, randomly,
onto heavy paper and place this outside during a thunderstorm,
bring it inside, allow it to dry and then see what nature produced!

She then works back into the piece, bringing-out
all that she sees there. Many of her pictures are inspired by
dreams and an ‘other worldliness’ that was with her from childhood.
Heather says:

“‘I’m always pleased when people
instinctively know what I’m trying to say in a painting, I
know then, that I have achieved my aim.

At one exhibition, a lady stopped
me and explained everything she ‘saw’ in my painting. She
was so right!

Apparently, she had looked at that
picture every day and thought it was beautiful. She bought
it there and then!”

A bit of an amateur poet, Heather has also
had some of her writing published:

Words fascinate me, because they paint
pictures in the mind. Art for the head. Sounds compliment
and clash, in much the same way that colours do and can be
made to soothe or shock the observer.”

Heather may be contacted by telephone on:

0161 430 2581

or mobile:


You can see more examples of Heather’s art


If you are, or know of any local
artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located
or based in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.



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