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"City Centre", Manchester photographer, George Kear
“City Centre”

“Angel Sluts”

"Access All Areas" by Manchester photographer George Kear
“Access All Areas”

"Barbed Canal" by George Kear
“Barbed Canal”

George Kear artist - "Abbey Cathedral One"
“Abbey Cathedral One”

"Bone Boat" - photo by George Kear, Manchester Artist
“Bone Boat”

george kear

George Kear - Local Manchester Artists
The Artist

Essex born, Manchester based, photographer-artist george kear
(she prefers her name NOT capitalised – lower case letters always!)
describes herself as an “impressionist photographer”.
Often reworking her images using ‘Photoshop’ software,
though her work can stand alone without retouching or computer-based
image manipulation and enhancement.

george says:

“Art materials are malleable
and impressionable. I can impose my view of the world there
and step back while an image creates a life of it’s own using
my ideas, preferences and philosophies.
I use photography because it is the quickest medium, and I
am very impatient to impart an idea once it has occurred to
me. Also, a camera is the best tool for me because I have
a very precise and exacting eye, I can frame things well and
see the importance in a detail.”

Her current themes include life and death
in the urban setting and a very personal interpretation and
expression of the everyday world she observes around her.

All of her work is for sale and items can
be purchased either printed on mounted canvas – ready to hang,
or photographic quality, glossy paper for you to frame yourself.

A gallery of george kear’s photographs can
be found on her website at:

She can also be contacted by email at:

We have received many emails pointing out that george’s name
should be capitalised as proper nouns. However, as this is her
preferred way of representing herself, we have respected her
convention – this by choice and NOT a typographical or grammatical
error on our part.

If you are, or know
of any local artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors,
etc) located or based in and around Manchester please let us know,
and if appropriate, we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly
by email.


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