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“Ben Spies – MotoGP”

"Manchester Town Hall" drawing by Ethan Ford
“Manchester Town Hall”

Manchester Town Hall drawing by Ethan Ford
“Manchester Town Hall II”


“Talbot Lago – Teardrop”


Ethan Ford

Ethan Ford
The Artist

Ethan was born in Manchester 1973 and this
is where he still lives. Although Ethan chose not to pursue
his art education, he went on to develop his technique over
the for following years. Ethan developed an interest in the
pen and ink focusing on stippling.

Stippling is a technique best described as
many little dots building up to create the desired tones. This
technique very effective but also very time consuming. Ethan
then chose to study another pen and ink technique called crosshatch
or hatching. The effects are similar to stippling and instead
of many little dots to create the tones you draw lots of parallel

Other than artwork Ethan has a keen interest
in Motor Sport, examples of this can be seen on his website
(see below). Formula 1 and MotoGP are his main interests.

Of his work, Ethan says:

“It’s fair to say I love to draw
cars and bikes, but I can turn my hand to most subjects, ranging
from landscapes to portraits, wildlife and of course, motor
art. I focus on detail and accuracy – my ultimate aim is realism”.

In the spring of 2010 Staedtler UK agreed
to support his art and in the summer of 2011 Ethan was accepted
into The Club Artistes Auto (CAA). The CAA was founded
by Nicolas Cancelier (Belgium), Paul Chenard (Canada), Anna-Louise
Felstead (UK) and Rick Rucker (USA) as a vehicle for automotive
artists to share their art, their ideas and their time with
fellow automotive artists.

Ethan is extremely proud to have been accepted
as a member of the CAA especially with the high standards required
for membership.”

Ethan’s website is at

… and he can be contacted by email at:


If you are, or know of any local
artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located
or based in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.


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