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"Eyes for You" by Denis Maguire
“Eyes for you!”

Denis Maguire, Manchester artist: "Alien"

“Healing Hands”

“My Passion”

"Stone Talk": Denis Maguire

Denis Maguire: "Tears of the Iris"
“Tears of the Iris”

Denis Maguire: "The Erotic Orchid" painting
“The Erotic Orchid”


Denis Maguire

Denis Maguire, local Manchester-based artist
The Artist

Denis Maguire was born in Belfast, N.Ireland,
in 1950. He moved to live near Crewe in 1975 to join ICL as
a programmer after receiving an honours degree in maths and
an Msc in Computer Science at Queen’s University, Belfast.

He works as a contractor in IT and regrettable
turned down a career as a professional footballer and a stage
career. He has played most sports; enjoys theatre; plays guitar
and hopes a song of his goes to the USA this summer.

e has recently joined the Sandbach Voices
choir as a meeting place for people as he cannot play sport
anymore (injuries get you in the end; never mind age!). He is
a tenor and has always enjoyed team games. This is a big test
for him! He intends to leave IT this year. At grammar school
he was made by the head to drop Art and do Science because he
was supposed to be clever (?). He won two prizes in UK art competitions
at around the age of 14.

Two years ago he saw paintings in the Lake
District which he was going to buy but his wife said “Why
don’t you have a go as you can’t play sport now”. So he
started painting as a hobby. Everybody he knows or has heard
of specialise in a niche, say scenery, animals etc. He’ll paint
anything! As he says:

“To paint I have to have a real
reason for doing it. It’s an emotional thing and it has to
inspire me, eg like the crashing wave (me!) or “Eyes
for You!” (love).

He has not yet displayed his art work in
exhibitions but has been asked to exhibit in London and more
recently Nantwich.

“Someone told me my work is
representational but isn’t everything? Most of my work is
in watercolour but my two recent ones are in oil (“Alien”
and “Stone Talk”). He would like his next paintings
to be in oil and abstract (not that he knows anything about
abstract except that he would like his imagination and thoughts
to take over; an example of this he has tried to display in
“Alien”, “Stone Talk” and “Healing

After a long IT contract working away from
home he has finally started painting again and has produced
an abstract sketch and this week he will it make come alive
with a few colours! He currently lives in Alsager, in Cheshire.

Denis can be contacted by email at:

“Battle of Britain”


If you are, or know of
any local artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors,
etc) located or based in and around Manchester please let us know,
and if appropriate, we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly
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