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David Price

David Price, local artist
The Artist

David Price was born in Surrey in 1965
and is now based in Bolton. He has been drawing since primary
school, where his first subjects were animals – mainly horses.
An Art & Design Foundation Course in Farnham, Surrey, led
to further studies at Blackpool & Fylde College where he
graduated as a natural history illustrato

David began his professional life working
at the Institute of Archaeology in London, then working as a
visualiser in an advertising services agency in Soho, London.
New contacts meant a move to Einhoven in Holland, where he worked
in an advertising agency, after which he moved back to England
and new work took him to Manchester (where he now lives). David

“I started working at this time
as a freelancer as well as some studio based work for an ad
agency in Chester. I worked for number of agents and now have
the London-based John Martin & Artists.”

As well as producing illustrations for advertising
agencies, David has worked for a number of publishers; including
the BBC, Hodder, and Macmillan. Much of the publishing commissions
have been for children’s books, both cover and inside illustrations,
fiction and educational. Over the last couple of years he has
also ventured into the greetings card market. He works mainly
in watercolour and gouache although he also uses acrylics and
oils. The latter is probably one of his favourite mediums. He

“It allows me to be more expressive
in my work. Oils can be more spontaneous, are very forgiving
and even produce happy accidents”.

At one time David used to be an airbrush
artist producing photo realistic work. However, It is this need
to have more expression in his work that has led him to concentrate
on acrylics and oils. He has always tried to progress as an
artist and so over the last couple of years, he has endeavoured
to produce paintings alongside his illustration work. David
has started to exhibit work in small galleries in and around
Manchester. One of his more recent successes was to be chosen
to exhibit his work in the finalists exhibition for the ‘Not
the Turner Prize’ at the Mall Galleries in London.

David has two main passions that inspire
his work. The first is Natural History, especially the English
countryside. “I go out and paint as often as I can”.
The second is the figurative painting and the figure in art.
As well as original work, David has produced some copies of
old masters for colleagues.

At present he works to combine Illustration
and teaching people how to draw and paint. He hopes that in
time he will be able to concentrate more on his own work and
produce limited addition prints.

David Price can be contacted by email at


If you are, or know of any local artists
(painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located or based
in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.

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