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“Three Shades of Acrylic & Oil”

Manchester Artist Craig Goodwin: "Do You LIke Carrotts?"
“Do You Like Carats?”

"Good Night", abstract painting by Craig Goodwin, Manchester Artist
“Good Night”

“Good Night” – (Closeup)

“I’m All White”

Craig Goodwin: "I'm All White"
“I’m All White” – (Closeup)

“Left for Red”

“Left for Red” – (Closeup)

“Thread of Gold”


Craig Goodwin

Craig Goodwin, Manchester Artist
The Artist

Craig Goodwin was born in 1972 and resides
in Castlefield Locks, Manchester and has been living and working
in Manchester since 2004. He’s originally from Edinburgh.

He loves paintings that entice the viewer
into wanting to touch the canvas and interact with it and thinks
a design should generate some form of link between it and the
person standing in front of it.

Craig defines it in a nutshell: “Art
with a soul”

He’s intrigued with all aspects of design
but is particularly interested in how colour, texture, depth
and lighting affect how a person perceives a painting and likes
to produce designs that manipulate these factors.

As well as using a variety of media in each
work, Craig gives a lot of thought to the effects of lighting
and the most appropriate placement of the work in each venue
to capture the surface qualities of each piece.

He often uses strong vibrant colours with
metallic contrasts which give a glowing depth and multi-tonal
effect to the work. The metallic contrasts also increase the
feeling of multi-layering as the works shimmer and glow when
viewed from different angles and under different lighting conditions.

Some of his more recent series are monochrome
which enable him to play with texture and multi-layered tonal
contrasts, using fillers and modelling compounds, adding to
the overall mood and drama of each piece.

Craig also utilises design snippets taken
from his travels in the Middle and Far East, where they make
extensive use of metallics in their paintings and design, though
themes are taken from everyday life.

Craig may be contacted by email at:

More of his work can be found his website

If you wish to enquire about a painting or
paintings available in the gallery, or would like to discuss
options for a commission piece or have a chat about Craig’s
work he can also be contacted by:

Mobile tel: 0777 459 7122


If you are, or know of any local artists
(painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located or based
in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.


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