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Colin McMorran: "Body Soul" paining - a Lancashire artist
“Body Soul”

"Body Soul II" , painting by Colin McMorran, Ormskirk artist
“Body Soul II”

"Body Soul III"
“Body Soul III”

"Seascape"  painting by Colin McMorran

"Seascape 2"
“Seascape II”

"Seascape III" by Colin McMorran
“Seascape III”

"Seascape IV"  by Manchester artist, Colin McMorran
“Seascape IV”

“Seascape V”

Colin McMorran

Colin McMorran, Lancashire Artist
The Artist

Colin McMorran was born in Ormskirk, Lancashire,
in 1962 and still lives and works in the region. He paints contemporary
abstracts and seascapes in acrylics. Having been a keen artist
at an early age he then carved out a career in IT, but in recent
years has fallen back to his original passion and has started
to paint again – with a vengeance.

In the two years since his artistic ‘rebirth’
he has successfully sold a mixture of abstract, semi-abstract
and fine art works throughout the UK and Europe.

His current ‘infinity series’ abstracts develop
upon a theme questioning our place as humans in this universe
and incorporate his calligraphy skills to add poignancy.

Colin says:

“I am fascinated
by the ongoing discoveries in the world of quantum physics
and how these very smallest of components of our universe
can help in our understanding of the very largest: the Sun,
stars, galaxies and supernovae. And how this new knowledge
has changed the way we look upon the Universe”.

Colin likes to contrast these overtly abstract
works with his ongoing love of painting the power, majesty and
natural forces of nature in his seascapes.

He has exhibited at Preston City’s Gallery
of Contemporary Art ‘room 107’and is currently exhibiting at
‘Gallery Nine’ in Bloomsbury, London.

You can view more of Colin’s work at his
online art gallery where many of his works are offered for sale

Colin can be contacted by email at:



If you are, or know of any local artists
(painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located or based
in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.

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