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Chris Maidens

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Stockport-based artist Chris Maidens was
born in the North East of England and moved to Manchester some
time around 1987. He had no formal training in art and originally
concentrated on making still life and portraits which he describes
as “…acceptable, but certainly not exceptional”.

He had always done very intricate “doodles”
and thought it would be interesting to do one on a large scale.
His art form developed from there; each work just evolved and
he began to find it impossible to control the emerging picture.
Some took on the appearance of images from nature, such as birds
or marine life, whilst others are just so intricate that every
viewer will experience a completely different perception of
the image.

At this time art was still a hobby, pursued
in what little free time he had, either at work or home. “In
many ways”, Chris says, “the high stress of work is
diffused during the creation of the art and absorbed by the
art itself resulting in a highly complex and often quite angry

Chris would like to be able to devote more
time to his art in the future. Currently he only works in ink,
but he is planning to venture into different media to discover
new ways of expressing himself.

Chris Maidens can be contacted by email:

Or to see more of his artwork, visit his website at:


If you are, or know of any local
artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located
or based in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.

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